Lottery syndicate!

Hey guys,
What about creating a syndicate for funding research.
It can be a fun way, affordable if it’s only a few pound, and has higher odds of winning over any single individual.

I’m not sure about lottery’s in your nations. But for example the euro millions has a syndicate calculator which shows the likelihood of winning over a single individual.

Just an idea

I’m down for that haha. Why not

Not a bad idea, you’ll never go poor preying on gamblers or people with chronic back pain.
Only issue is the current project is fully funded and stalled at last report.
There are no projects stalled due to lack of funding as far as I know.

lol I thought you meant create a lottery…clicked the link, you’re saying throw money at existing lotteries oh boy we are desperate.

The more funding we bring in the more studies we can run. We’re only limited by the funding we have.