Loss of subcutaneous fat?

So I didn’t really want to post about this because it’s one of my least bothersome symptoms, but lately coupled with muscle loss I’ve been wondering about it.

Has anyone had loss of mass (don’t know if muscle or fat) on their hands, neck, wrists, ankles, elbows–places you wouldn’t think to look?

The changes to my hands and wrists specifically are undeniable–they are much smaller than before. I even popped a blood vessel deadlifting because there is less “meat” covering the palm of my hand.

Obviously this isn’t the worst of side effects, but does anyone have any insight into why this could have happened? It doesn’t seem to be getting any better or worse; it pretty much just happened overnight when I crashed…

Yes , its one of the side effects.

My wrists & legs also appeared to be skinny .

But keep on doing exercise it will help ,it helped me ,although don’t do it to the point of exhausting yourself.

I just noticed how small my ankles and legs are. It’s terrifying me. Did you also have muscle twitches or anything? I’m convinced I have ALS or something.