Loss of deep sleep after quitting propecia


Almost there month after quitting propecia I have some improvement improvement are daily morning wood less anxiety better erection and libido slightly longer sleep but the thing which is not improving is insomnia and constant dreaming all night without deep sleep I wake up unfrashed



I don’t know how long will it last but it is this for another month or two I will die



You won’t die and it’ll probably get better.

The majority of people who post here have problems with sleep and most people find that with time their sleep gets better.

I know it’s scary, frustrating as I had the same. My sleep is better than it was at 3 months, it’s still not great and there are ups and downs.

3 months is too early to say what will happen with you, it’s still quite possible to recover.



lyrica enhances slow wave sleep it boosts my deep sleep from <50m to >1h30 always without fail

the difference in day energy, brain fog etc is BIG

it agonizes the same receptor(GABAA) as allopregnenolone btw