Losing reasons to live, feels like the end is unpreventable

delete. because this post will only make other people depressed.

Oh boy, you know the (permanent) side effects and you knew the stories from this side and still you choose to take it… damn man.
All I can say is, that wasn’t very smart bro, a lot of us didn’t know the risks and/or this site and just trusted our ‘‘doctors’’.

Oh well, I can see your desperation man, I myself am also a ‘‘a-sexual bald man’’ nowadays. Im 26 now and I took it when I was 22, so yeah… we have all been there and you’re not the only one bro.
We have all thinked about suicide before too, I mean with this drug they have taken away your manhood, what’s the point in living.
Wrong bro, there are a couple reasons why you shouldn’t think this way.

  1. I don’t believe it’s permanent, the solution hasn’t been found yet (it’s not the same).
  2. You would give your life when a ‘‘cure’’ could possibly be available in maybe 10 years (random number you never know).
  3. You really want to hurt your loved ones because you feel down? What kind of a man would do that?

And if you don’t care about all of that let me ask you this? What have you done to improve/fix this. Did you try some heavy shit like steroids? Or did you only take some weak supplements which didn’t have any effect?
Now I’m not saying you should experiment with steroids to fix yourself, but if I had to choose between suicide and trying TRT (for example) then the choice would be very easy.

Now for the girlfriend part… yeah it sucks, and yeah you will have trouble in that area but everyone is different. There are lots of girls that not need a lot of sex but just want to be loved and want to be together (for example my girlfriend :smiley: ).

Now why would you throw your own life away when you got so many years to go still, no one knows what will happens in 10 or 20 or 30 years.

And even if that’s not convincing enough here is another (unpopular) reason.
Why kill yourself over something else did to you? It’s not your fault you have been put into this state. It’s the fault of Merck and the doctors that prescribed it to you. I would say take it out on them and not on yourself.

Don’t give up bro, you’re not the only one.


I also knew about PSSD and took antidepressants again because I thought Trazodon is safe.
Now here I am, perhaps this naivety literally cost me my life.

@nana123 Do you have mental sides too such as insomnia, anxiety suicidal ideation, brain fog? Losing sexuality and hair would rarely bring a person to the point of suicide. Two years is still relatively early in this disease. There remains time for things to improve. Make more of what you have in your life. Doing this will start to swing the pendulum back toiwards what is good and will start to find reasons even gratitude for being alive. Don’t give up and and do your best to tell your brain the opposite to what it wants you to believe “it’s the emotional imbalance” which is out of sink

Bro you are desperate because of your anxiety. That’s why you feel this way. You feel a doomed future because of anxiety. Once you get rid of anxiety and calm your self down you will never get that kind of thoughts. I also agree with @pokertje’s girl friend theory and I also have a girl who just want caring. I have near 0 libido and I also had high level of fear due to anxiety. Because we think about girls with our perspective. Girls doesn’t want the sex like men generally and we need time and calm mind to understand it in their perspective. Because we always think about others with our own perspective and needs. You can build your future I am sure just take time to relax. I suggest CBT, Wim-hof breathing, Multivitamin with D3, Exercising and read Buddhism and understand about mind.

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There’s no need for that. Why try and make him feel worse than he already is? You might not think it but a number of people here would still have taken the drug even if they’d known about the possibility of permanent side effects because doctors and other users of the drug do everything in their power to delegitimise our condition. Back before all this started there’s a good chance none of us would have believed this was a real condition had we even been warned about it. It’s only once you experience it that you really become aware of its power.