Does it work? Anyone had try that?



I think you may be indirectly referencing the above study. It seems interesting and worth trying. Lotradine is available to purchase over the counter and it is pretty cheap and safe.

Lotradine works as an antagonist and on the h1 histamine receptor which is responsible for allergic reactions including the inflammatory response. There are histamine receptors to be found in the corpus cavernosum which could explain any potential benefits to be had. If anybody has any experiences to share about lotradine, please let us know.


I took loratadin for other purposes recently (in short amounts of time, no longer than 7 days) : no effects on sexual problems.


But how much mg ?


The study tested 10mg - the OTC dose - on a small group of men. I saw two guys that claimed to have improvements on another forum as well so I think it is worth an effort, especially since many speculate post-SSRI syndrome and PFS share the same or a similar root cause.


Thought I’d resurrect this with some thoughts.

I am a very severe case of PFS, and when I first crashed I remained severely derealised to the point I couldn’t cook for about 4 months. I thus read pretty much every anecdote on the internet re the finasteride disease. I found on some random website a mild case (mainly erectile dysfunction/libido after finasteride) who said he took loratadine, a lipophilic antihistamine, coincidentally and his sexual function restored. I remembered this the other day and thought it was strange, so decided to do a little research. I believe AR overexpression is crucial in this condition, which awor of course hypothesised. So I began with the hypothesis that somehow loratadine was able to interact with this. I first found these anecdotes:

Fluoxetine-induced sexual dysfunction reversed by loratadine, J Clin Psychiatry. 2002 Jun;63(6):534

Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry. 2005 Jun;29(5):754-6 (Linked in an earlier post in this thread):

Quotes collected by Ghost, the moderator of a PSSD forum:

I believe there’s a common situation to these disorders so this interested me. Someone on propeciahelp also said it cleared their brain fog to pre fin but gave them new symptoms of ED and no libido. I decided to begin googling regarding loretadine and the androgen receptor and found a study entitled “Loratadine Exerts Estrogen-Like Effects and Disrupts Penile Development in the Mouse”. The study states:

It would seem from these results that Loretadine is antiandrogenic and is, administered in utero, able to induce changes (notably overexpression of the AR) that apparently correlate with penile developmental problems. It’s also remarkable to my mind that the graph in the study shows a big difference in the MRNA AR overexpression between the mice who did develop hypospadias and those that didn’t.

Many substances with anti-androgenic properties (herbs, foods, mineral supplementation such as zinc) often give improvement or worsening to PFS patients. I would therefore assume that loratadine may have some affect on some people with PFS, PSSD or PAS.

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Very significant findings regarding PFS and the 5ar enzyme

I’m willing to give this a try. If anybody else tried it, please report.


worth a try…


someone should try this indeed!


I’ve begun a 2 weeks trial, started yesterday, 10 mg loratadine every night before sleep. I’ll report changes, if any.


It’s been 12 days and no change whatsoever. I’m going to use it a few more days but I guess I can say now that it didn’t do anything.


Thanks for the update and trial vanquish. Good to hear there were no negatives, at least. If there’s any change in the weeks after use it’d be good to hear.


I take it this did nothing?