Loose skin


Does anyone else’s skin feel too loose? Hanging?


What skin? Penile skin, scrotal skin?

You need to provide more details instead of one liners if you expect people to be able to give proper feedback.


Scrotal and penile especially, yes.


Well, loose scrotal skin is a common issue for lots of guys here post-Fin. Empty, saggy balls. Same goes for atrophied, wrinkled penile skin.

There are lots of posts on this, do some research.


yup, sagging scrotal skin. check.


The main reason for this is the drop in LH. Increase your LH and your nuts won’t sag. I still am of the belief that many of us guys have a problem with low GH/IGF-1/3. So, the skin problems are effecting our facial skin as well.


Yes, loose skin in scrotal


Did sagging scrotum and skin resolve for anyone?


It did for me. I only had it right at the beginning though.


I see… I have had it for a while. I’ll give it more time , other issues seem to be resolving now for me atleast. Erections and Libido is 80% back … I’m hoping for the best although might be too early to celebrate