Looks like sage 217 has finally been released to public 2023

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The date for that article says 2023. Does that mean it’s available?

This could be had for awhile now from third party sources.
That being said. I was part of the trials - and it did nothing for any of my sides…

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@tjanok - So you have been a participant of the clinical SAGE studies? Many sufferers set big hopes in SAGE therapies. Did you contat the FDA or did you contact SAGE therapeutic directly to be a study participant.
I think this is a very interesting topic for many community members. What about your pfs, did they accept this?

It’s a big project of the pfs foundation…


And a big project of SAGE therapeutics.

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My reading comprehension is 0. Could this drug upregulate/deregulate Gaba-a receptors? Or they act on Gaba but in a safe way?

On the other hand I see they developing another drug for cognition/memory (sage 718)