Looking for professional to infuse ALLO


i’m willed to order Allo at

Therefore i’m looking for some professional who can infuse me this.

There’s written Purity more than 98%, is this enough for my plans and safe?

I can’t think of a true professional (MD, DO, NP, etc) willing to risk their career and license to infuse an internet stranger with a non-licensed drug.

If you’re really interested in getting allopregnanolone into your body, contact SAGE therapeutics and see if you can somehow get their allo infusion procedure done on you. It’s meant for women with Postpartum Depression, but there’s a tiny tiny chance they’d be interested in you.

Other than that, I can’t imagine true professionals helping you out this way, man. Sorry, I know that’s not the answer you’re looking for, but just the likely reality.


Sage Therapeutics is also trialing their allopregnenolone analogue, Zuranalone, for major depressive disorder, which is a common issue among our membership.

If you are willing to go to great lengths to test the efficacy of allopregnanolone, that would be a more practical option than using an unverified substance. You do run the risk of being given placebo in a clinical trial though.

More info in this thread: Sage 217 clinical trials started

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