Long-term consequences of chronic SSRI exposure on the expression of myelination-related genes in the rat hippocampus

Have SSRI guys seen this?
Im not sure how far your going to get trying to nail down changes in gene expression.
Its everywhere.

Long-term consequences of chronic fluoxetine exposure on the expression of myelination-related genes in the rat hippocampus

Analysis of the samples resulted in 258 genes that were significantly upregulated and 218 genes that were significantly downregulated by fluoxetine treatment

Rapid short term changes,
SSRI treatment during adulthood alters gene expression levels of hypothalamic hormones, neurotrophic factors, inflammatory factors and components of non-serotonergic neurotransmitter systems.34, 35, 36 Especially the inflammatory factors might have a central role in mediating the effects of SSRIs, because downregulation of proinflammatory cytokines can inhibit HPA axis function (facilitating stress reduction), enhance 5-HT and dopamine synthesis and inhibit 5-HT and dopamine reuptake


Ofcourse such study is not nearly as important as some gut issues, diet, fecal transplantation, and probiotika, und it will never get much attention as the previous subjects, BUT i really hope, that we might find some way to get some BDNF in our CNS…Somehow everything connects to BDNF…Every CNS disease leads to its reduction, and almost every effective therapy for that disease including Receptor activation, oder deactivation leads to its upregulation…
If i only knew some way to infuse BDNF into my CNS, i will sign the papers right away without thinking twice

Will Cerebrolysin increase BDNF?

Many contradicting studies…It is on my list of things to try before killing myself, but i doubt that it has that big of an effect on BDNF…

Have you tried a complete stool test? I have had a hard time finding one that tests for everything.

There have been 2 PFS cures from e. Histolytica and h. Pylori infections. They are documented on Ghosts PSSD website.