London meet up between Christmas and New Year (probably Sat 28 Dec)

Myself and a couple of others from the forum are planning to meet up in London some time between Christmas and New Year (probably Saturday 28 December).

Anyone who would like to join us is very welcome to come. Having met a couple of the guys before, I have found it very helpful to connect in person with others suffering from this condition.

If you would like to come we will meet at a fairly central location, to be shared via group PM, so feel free to PM me or drop a comment below if you want to get involved.

I tend to be active on PH in bursts, because I find logging in too regularly has a negative effect on me. So don’t worry if I don’t reply immediately, I will get back to you.


Where in London?

Somewhere quite central to be shared via PM. It will be somewhere easy to get to.

I am not going to publicly declare where because I do not want watchers along for the ride.

As we already talked about that @WeCanBeatThis, I am in.
@Luckydevil you can join to mate, hope this time we will be more than 3 person :slight_smile:

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I will be in London Dec. 2-5 2019. PM me if you want to meet up.

I’d be interested in this…I’m currently moving back to UK from Los Angeles but will be arriving back on 28th dec. if you guys do another one in the new year I would love to join

Yeah, why not. We will keep in touch and will arrange something.

Hi guys,
A new pfs survivor here.
Shall we plan to have a new meeting sometime this spring?

Hi, I am in. Where are you living exactly?

I live in Reading, but can travel to London

Oh, cool. If anyone else is keen to meet up, let us know.
@telpek When would you like to London?

Any weekend I am free

Same as me, fine at the weekends. Sometimes I do overtime and working in the weekend but that happens rarely. Anyway, you pick a date and let me know. Thanks

I would be interested too, I’m from London originally - I’m living in East Sussex at the moment but can travel up!

I feel we should get this rolling again at some point when it is safe to do. Would be good to meet some people in real life and out of the forum!