Living with the stigma ED and impotence

Many sufferer feel better after one year from physical and mental symptoms. The ED holds on. For me it’s not clear who is really impotent and who has ED and is able for sexual intercourse.

But both are not the same as normal men.

How do you cope with this most stigmatising and life-changing issue of all?

The sexual symptoms are the least of my worries and I have complete ED, shrunken penis and no libido. Used to be hypersexual. Yeah it is horrific but the insomnia, anxiety and severe anhedonia/loss of all positive emotions are what make my life complete torture.


I agree with @Titan1 here. I had daily sex (or more) and now nothing for 3 years. Now, it’s a minor concern in comparison with the other symptoms.

Complete exhaustion, anhedonia, loss of balance, suicidal ideation…these are of much greater concern to me. Jim


Yeah, that’s unbelievable. It’s spring, weather is fine, a sunny day. In my old life I was triggered by the sun, took my bicycle for a ride. Made a spring break walk.

Now nothing, no feelings, pain and anhedonia. So in this state I don’t think about women, love and sex anymore too.

Everything makes happy it’s all driven by androgen Hormones. Even the feeling watching springtime.


My dear prostate friend. Both fucked at the last miles of our life’s. Yes our healthy sex life has been killed by pharma war machine. They never throat their own poison.


Well I cope with suicidal ideation haha. Not only the sex has been taken from me, also I can’t feel any of the positive feelings of love or partnership. When I’m at my worst I drink and read/write poetry, art is a good way the canalize the dark thoughts and feelings. Shit sucks.


In movies, people always know what to say, how to say it, and when to say it to make the person feel better. In the real world though, there are no magic words, I’m afraid to say. The only thing I can really think to say, even though it falls short, is good luck.