Liver function tests and testosterone

I’ve recently been going to a series of doctors regarding the typical PFS symptoms we experience, and have not mentioned finasteride (and kept from looking depressed). They’ve continued running the typical tests, with nothing really out of range (including heavy metals, etc) except for liver function. I’ve had pfs for at least a decade, but only have the last few years of medical tests available.

They all show mildly out of range liver function across a few categories, but nothing too alarming, as I’m otherwise “healthy”. Would any of us have pre and post pfs liver function tests, to try to understand if the liver issues are a primary or secondary effect of finasteride?

I’m asking because if you google “liver testosterone”, you’ll see the impact of liver issues on testosterone, including muscle wasting, swollen belly, etc…

You’ll also see the diet suggested to help “fatty liver” test numbers includes much of the same that many of us have reported improving results with.

Personally, I’m surprised a search on the site didn’t show much on “liver”, but some liver disease symptoms overlap quite a bit with what I’m experiencing. And yes, know I could possibly have both, but hope not, and our collective research could show a cause/effect and possibly a path out of this hell.

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I’ve had similar wonders…Baking soda helped me a lot and thought it was due to kidney or liver as my right side hurts or aches almost daily…Then studies started referncing kidney damage here from finasteride my weight went up over 100lbs after stopping fin with just water weight mainly and body has turned to like mush all over…

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A lot of people here are doing keto and report positive signs, wouldn’t this be the exact opposite kind of diet you’d want to do for liver issues? It seems a low fat diet is what suggested

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I’m going to say let’s look at test results, especially for those that have before and after data available. I don’t know if the liver issues are a result of PFS, or if they were there before and caused some of us to respond to the way we did to Finasteride, or are just a completely separate issue. I will say many symptoms of “fatty liver” overlap with PFS (fatigue, abdominal swelling, weight gain, increasing blood sugar, confusion, weakness, breast enlargement)

The labs that were out of range are:
AST (SGOT)-high
MCGC. -high
Polys. -high
Lymphs. -high

Actually, a Keto diet would help, and some research shows it reduces the fat in the liver.