Liver Flush - Potential Dramatic Improvement in Side Effects

Before we get into it:

I maybe posting this pre-emptively. I am not a real hardcore advocate of any natural “cures”, I do however believe that eating healthy and taking care of yourself will improve any medical condition or improve health overall.

I did this last week, it only take 2-3 days to do the whole course, which is relatively quick and easy compared to many protocols some people here follow. This may have been posted before but I have been here for years and not seen it.

I have seen a dramatic improvement in my overall feelings of well-being, mental/physical as well as a reduction in shrinkage, clearance of the jock itch I suffered from for years. My digestion has also been dramatically improved. I have already informed a few of the PFS sufferers I am regularly in contact with about this natural and simple protocol and I am seeking confirmation of subsequent benefits. But I am going to post this here because while I do not believe this to be a genuine cure, I do believe it may improve a sufferers overall condition substantially, especially if they are suffering from “gut” or digestive related issues.

I am going to post a link to a YouTube video, please follow the protocol exactly to see maximum benefits. Some similar protocols used Epsom salts however I have personally experienced that this is not necessary.

If anyone tries this protocol with any success feel free to post your results here or PM me so that I can confirm and evaluate any benefits experienced. Thank you.

Lots medical science doesn’t know about the liver.

Wonder if this will help guys that take trt with no effects

i would try but i can’t eat apple due to fructose intolerance.

I passed about 50-60 black stones on my first flush by the way.

brother i hope you get cured.

I am doing a 14day fast followed with resistant starch and probiotic enema implants. Should drastically change my microbiome for the better.

If i can rid my fructose intolerance i will try this flush. My guts been fucked for decades including gallbladder since i have constipation.

The microbiome is the future of medical treatment!

this person on youtube also had a dramatic improvement from his accutane side effects consuming a huge amount of olive oil weekly (being on a strick atkins diet)-by his words around 700ml. which could perhaps be considered a sort of a constant/daily liver flush.

another person on youtube also had a recovery from accutane with doing liver flushes, but i cannot find his video at this moment

I remember hearing of PFS guys seeing TCM and ayuverda drs and having them tell them that their livers are fucked.

Maybe some sort of liver impairment is preventing the body from getting back into balance ?

Improving liver health with improve estrogen dominance but many men like myself have perfect estradiol and no high estradiol issues.

m really keen to try this because i know my liver is fucked but im fructose intolerant. Is there any way to do it without apple?

Very excited for others to try this

douglas, i think another option is to take the malic acid in powder form-the acid is supposedly the reason apples or apple cider vinegar are taken for the flush. but i havent looked that deep into this yet

The only reason you use the apples is to soften the stones. I do not think it is truly necessary, perhaps just allows them to pass easier. Perhaps try doing raw veggies for two days then doing the lemon juice + olive oil cocktail. The lemon juice and olive oil is what dilates the bile ducts and causes the liver to force the stones out.

To add some constructive criticism … ushes.html

It works. I am not going to debate it. I passed 50-60 stones. You want to debate its effectiveness without even trying a relatively simple thing? Thats your issue then.

Its good that you feel better. If people will not feel better they will be doing this. That Dr. of your youtube video, I dont think he is a real doctor… thinking that “stones” come from the liver is “crazy”.

Listen are you fuck up since 2006?

Thats a long time… is not a reputable site they are a mouth piece for big pharma.

Quack watch is probably started by big pharma or some stupid closed minded doctor.

Yes i dont know why i posted that. I am very Anti-big pharma but i heard another PFSer say they are not actaully stones just balls of olive oil in bile. Nonetheless if it helps thats great !

Anyone else gonna try?

Anyone try?

Oh really? Because now your a medical authority? How many human livers have you dissected over the years?

I know someone that tried recently and said he felt more energy and got rid of several large stones. Mine were black, and ranged from pebble to marble size. Some people pass green ones. The green ones (as analysed from gallbladder removal) are mostly cholesterol. The black ones are more bilirubin. I did my 2nd flush this last week, the improvement from the first time has stayed, no really immense improvements after the 2nd flush but another 30 ish stones were released.

I will wait another 10 days before doing another flush.

What improvements have you seen?

Alot of accutane guys have claimed to recover with this. I am willing to give it a go. However i have severe constipation (one bowel movements every 7-8 days) so i think it might be contraindicated.

any updates?

i have ordered malic acid powder. WIll be trying this week. Hopefully doesnt make me worse and helps