Lipid panel shows low HDL

HDL Chol
Your value
36 mg/dL Standard range >=40 mg/dL


Anyone else have this problem? Doesn’t matter how healthy I eat it remains low and probably explains why my hearts is beating out of my chest constantly along with having high blood pressure.

Nothing to do with it.

Same issue, HDL at 0.9 mmol/L standard range >= 1.0. That works out to be 34.8 mmol/L which is similar to yours.

Yeah I figured this condition is such a mess.

Do you have blood pressure issues as well?

Blood pressure is on the low end for me. Last time I checked it was something like 90/60 IIRC. I usually feel like I’m about to pass out if I stand up too quick from a lying down position.

A few things to consider for low HDL:

  • High strength fish oil ,like 4 grams dha+epa,
  • Cardio, cardio, cardio,
  • Citrus bergamont & niacin,
  • Lots of healthy fats like avocados, olive oil, nuts, etc, etc
  • Lots of fibre in the diet

I read somewhere several years ago that it is a common thing among pfs patients. Mine was 36 for 18 yrs. It’s only started coming up in the last 2 yrs since I’ve started recovering. Last time I checked it was around 44.

Yes. I’ve been told from different sources that it’s common and people theories that PFS messes up with endogenous cholesterol. But no idea man all we can do is guess. It’s a bit shit because I’ve just started TRT which will only drive down my HDL even further, not ideal

Maybe you’re right. I have very high hdl levels.
I eat daily avocado, hand full of different Nuts, oatmeal, peanut butter.
And weekly salmon and other fat fish. And always Cook in Olive oil.

The high hdl does nothing for my sexual sides btw

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Good for the heart at least :slight_smile:

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