Link identified between inflammation and brain fog

Have PFS patients been at any point tested for inflammatory markers?

I probably sensed this a long time ago when I was in high school when it comes to possible brain inflammation. I would literally say to myself, man my head doesn’t feel light,open, and airy, it feels heavy (post Accutane). I didn’t make strong enough connections or pursue things enough at the time. Plus I was like 17.

I could also say that inflammation can have no symptoms as well, over time inflammation can lead to everything from neurodegeneration to cancer (which can also have no symptoms)

Ive had alot of tests myself, probably more than most.
I would wonder about long term follow-ups with MRIs or PET scans, if things could start to take a toll that might become apparent further down the line.

Tests? My head feels inflamed all the time from severely disturbed sleep alone. Sometimes my face feels like it’s on fire from being exhausted all the time.

I thought we already know that we suffer from chronic inflammation. Androgens like DHT and steroidogenic enzymes are highly anti-inflammatory and neurosteroids powerfully regulate neuroinflammation.

Yes, but have we specifically been tested for inflammation directly?

As in through a study or what?

Melcangi found inflammatory markers in the brains of PFS patients if I remember correctly.

Looks to be a simple enough blood test. I think anyway. A “CRP (High Sensitivity) Blood Test” (as well as what looks like a “regular sensitivity” one) is available from my usual place.

Shall I get one in for the team and see?

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It can’t hurt.

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People have had so many tests over the years, you could almost start to say ok what hasnt been looked at or fully explored?
Unfortunately this is probably not one of those tests. C reactive protein is a fairly common test or marker of inflammation that im guessing alot have already tested. Especially if you’ve ever been to a rheumatologist.
I have tested CRP, Ive also tested TNF-alpha, both were in range.

Speaking of proteins though, and looking down another path that might not be fully explored that could relate is coagulation.
I might take a further look/test some of this myself.
Keep in mind I have tested positive for Lupus anticoagulant at times and so did the one other person (I believe) that tested for this on here.

Some other coagulation markers off the top of my head,
Protein C, Protein S (both vitamin k dependant)
and again Lupus anticoagulant

I could also throw out as far as any vascular abnormalities, I was diagnosed with raynaud’s long before I took Accutane.


I had my gut tested through a stool test a few years ago and my gut inflammation was at the very top of the test. Literally could not have tested higher for inflammation

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So whats the protocol for inflammation. Whats the point of test if there is nothing you can do to lower inflammation. I know CBD, tumeric, etc… Arent those proven to lower inflamation?

Who said there’s nothing you can do about inflammation? Keto diet or carnivore diets lower inflammation. Fasting reduces inflammation

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My head was in the worst pain ever and yet my inflammation markers were normal. IMO, don’t think this is an inflammation thing

Yeah as far as general most common systemic inflammatory markers CRP, ESR, and PCT that most DRs would order, you might not find anything. There’s some less common ones as well though,
Serum amyloid a, cytokines, alpha-1-acid glycoprotein, plasma viscosity, ceruloplasmin, hepcidin, and haptoglobin.
alpha-1 antitrypsin, fibrinogen and coagulation factors.
^Acute phase proteins.
I could also go back to what I posted just a few days ago, someone got diagnosed with what Mayo Clinic considered low grade brain inflammation through interpretation of a PET scan, post Accutane.
Not to say brain inflammation is a fact in all of us.
I could also look at elevated ige antibodies, even if allergies, thats some level of inflammation that can affect the brain as well. Obviously we are looking beyond allergies though.

Well I did the test - they were quick with the results too!

No inflammation showed up, got 0.6 and anything less that 5 is in the green.

Doesn’t dexamethasone decrease inflammation like mad?

I have one genetic variant (mutation of the S gene marker on SERPINA) for Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency. Would this count? I think what has been plaguing me these past years is chronic liver failure.