Light penis


Does your penis also feel a lot lighter than before? Mine just sometimes feels like it was jelly. It doesn’t have the weight anymore, when it’s not erect. Also cold and a little bit insensitive.

Penis feels very light

Noone else really has this?


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I do have just like feather. before SP it was like wood all the time 24/7. I don’t want to think about my past it makes me sick. I am trying to accept mentally what has happened. We can not hold the clock back now. If recovery is possible will take long time. you are fairly young. you will eventually get better with time.
If you can jog or walk, do it. It is very good exercise.



yes that’s happened to me and I am still the same 2.5 years later. Propecia is really a prostate cancer drug. It shrinks prostates (and in doing so shrinks the cancer growth). Merck only started selling it for hair growth when they started noticing that some cancer patients started to grow some of their hair back.

I only took 14 tablets and stopped as soon as I noticed a problem…things did not return to normal…Propecia ruined my life completely.


Haven’t orgasmed for more than a week now and my penis feels fuller and I feel hornier. Just no exact need for an orgasm.


yes definitely ligher. Just like the whole body. Like the steel inside was replaced with feathers. Not as cold anymore though luckily…


I also have light penis :frowning_face::frowning_face: