Life span cut short?

Welp in 5 weeks this drug has fucked me up, 95% impotent, and had tinnitus. Probably shrinkage to at this point.

Anyway, wondering now how much our life span will be cut, with all the abnormalities happening in our body.

Would never think that me taking a pill for a minor issue would change my life this much. Used to love women-want to marry, have children. Now I’m asexual pretty much, see the world through a different lense. Perhaps my life is now to live it for others, and the future generations, as I’ll never be able to create one on my own.

I was head over heels in love with a girl, now that dreams has died over a hair loss drug. Crazy to think that millions of people take this drug, and how unlucky we are to be put in this spot.

That lingering question of what if I just shaved my head, will always be out there, what if I just never took that pill?

Wonder how long I’ll live now, I don’t think it’s too crazy to think about ? Feel like our lifespans might be cut a bit. I just wish I didn’t get this tinnitus, now I might never hear silence again ):

Perhaps I should not have taken a drug that would put my sexual health at any risk. I honestly thought if I were to get sides, that they would reverse.

My dumbass thought that the persistent side effect label, was only that sides would last a bit longer but go away. Don’t ask me why I put so much trust in big pharm.

Didn’t know what PFS was before I taken the drug or wouldn’t of touched the drug with a 10 ft pull

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Hey buddy,

Don’t beat yourself up. I took Prozac recently and crashed myself after dealing with PFS for months.

We don’t deserve this shit. No one does. All we did is take an FDA approved drug. And we will get out of this. We will find a way. Right now, I’m in a very bad state. Anhedonia, fatigue, brain fog, sexual symptoms, the full gamut. I’m in the trenches with you. But we will find a way.


I hope one day brother

I know that pessimism will not help but optimism too will not help us. The only thing that will help us is to accept the harsh reality that we have been permanently castrated(chemically) and learn to live with the situation.

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I’ve been feeling like shit lately man. I don’t know I’ve seen people on here improve over time.

However, you’re right, both pessimism and optimism can hurt and lead to disappointment.

I suppose having a balance of zero expectation may be the way. I’m in a lot of pain right now. I’m trying to move forward the best I can

Everyone here (including me) feels the same. It’s been 9 years and no improvement except that I have learned to live with it.