Life a semblance of what it used to be

The type of destruction Finasteride can induce on an individual’s life is nothing short of incredible. I’m nothing like the person I used to be at 22 (25 now).

Visual changes:

  • Skin wrinkly and dry. I look 40 now.
  • Trouble getting muscle mass and feminine fat distribution throughout the body. If there was anything I really loved before fin, it was my body. I was built like a motherfucker. Now, with the same diet and program I look like I’d get broken in half by a light breeze.
  • Eyelashes shorter. My gf was always jealous of my long eyelashes. Now you can hardly tell I have any at all.
  • Gynecomastia. Yep, everyone’s favourite man boobs. Muscle shirts used to be my favourite type of shirt. Now I wear baggy T’s.


  • Penis size/girth reduction. I was never particularly hung, but had a solid 18 cm dick that was FAT. I loved the girth of my penis. Now? It’s shriveled and thin with fucking veins on it that make it look like it belongs to a 60 year old.
  • Tired. I’m constantly tired. No matter how many hours I sleep, what I eat, what supplements I take, I’m just tired. No energy.
  • Cognitive decline. I can’t remember simple words and forming complex sentences from my thoughts is a struggle - something I always excelled at.


  • I had great prospects as a master thesis student. I loved learning and theorising and was considered top 1% in my faculty. I dropped out due to side effects.
  • While I have a job, I’m not performing at 100% of my potential, not even close. As a result my prospects and my income is suffering.

Honestly, I looked really good bald (shaved) before starting Finasteride, now I look old and sickly. Fuck me and my vanity for ignoring all the warnings just for some fucking hair.

Everyday is a struggle to keep going. I’m not sure for how long I’ll be able to keep it together. It’s just too much problems at the same damn time. It’s paralyzing me. If at least I’d have a way out - PFS so far has none.


I think a lot of people on propeciahelp self-pity themselves, and that’s why i hate this site. Yes you are a victim, but you don’t have cancer, go do something about it, pretty much that?

I know this comes off harsh, but fuck. Self-pity is the worst thing for your mental if you want to return to your old self, motivate yourself

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Do what about it? Motivate oneself to do what? What a guy! Someone comes here to share their story and look for support to basically be told it is their own fault for not trying hard enough.


Listen, I’m not trying to be rude. But all I’m saying is we’ve been hit by a medication, we haven’t got a death sentence in our hands like cancer, we got the opportunity to change things, whereas others don’t. This post, i understand, you need the support, we support you. But there’s a lot of self-pity on this site, i know people are scared, i still am. On a side note you see stuff on the news everyday, recently a young married couple got killed right after their marriage, and their mother witnessed the car crash right infront of her, sadly. That’s how i do my comparison, my dick looks funky as fuck, doesn’t feel the same, doesn’t work the same, along with 30 other symptoms i had, and stilll have to endure. But yeah, fuck our dicks. There are people truly suffering on this site, and i respect them for battling this, but you seem to have it (easier) regardless, and that’s why i think it’s self-pity. I know you want support, we support you. But you can manage, if that’s only that, I’m sure you can push yourself! I feel everyone’s situation on this site is the most “extreme” in their own eyes, and that’s low-key a selfish act, people got it absolutely fucking brutal, yet not much empathy on people’s behalf.

Leave then. I’ve just had a glance through your posting history and you have no less than four threads all essentially discussing the same thing. I didn’t see a single response from anybody telling you to stop pitying yourself. On the contrary, they’re filled with post after post of support, sympathy and a sincere desire to try to help you through the times you were panicking. Show a bit of empathy back and if you can’t manage that, refrain from leaving a post at all.


All my posts were questions, yes. I never asked for pity, and my first created topic was during the week of my crash, where i decided to do some updates, but decided to do them on my memo instead. I was scared shitless, but pulling through. I don’t see the similarities here, i don’t believe questions are in the same category as this, but, nice try.

And yes, to the ones posting on my member story, they gave me hope, and I’m truly greatful for their replies/reassurance.

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I start to forget what is healthy for me sexually. It is so bad, i don’t even remember how my healthy penis looked like, what was its girth and size, and how enjoyable a ejaculation was… has anyone feel like this? Im suffering for 4.5 years. And its becoming a new normal for me and i don’t know how the hell i forget my healthy sexuality. For example:

I don’t remember how long my penis stayed still hard after ejaculations back then, it goes directly flaccid after ejaculation these days. It should stay still hard for a minute or so after ejaculation, i remember it was like that before…
Sometimes it even starts to go down while masturbating! I can’t remember when this all start, but it shouldn’t have go down during masturbation for a 20 years old male! God damn!


Yeah same for me with orgasms. I don’t really remember how it used to feel. Besides shrinkage this is the only symptom that I just can’t recover no matter what I do. It’s very frustrating.


Personally, after a dozen years, I’ve pretty much given up on the sexual sides. I’m working on the emotional sides, just to survive. A direct correlation I experience is the better I eat and the lighter I weigh, the better I feel. Like you, I’m no longer able to add muscle, and lost most of it, but exercise does make me feel better.

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You know what? Fuck right off