Licorice Root Experiment - Anyone had Luck/Bad Experience?

Hi all - yes, first off I’m aware it’s a risky one. If you’re not aware yourself, might be worth a little read around.

First time I tried a single tablet I got AWFUL suicide ideation and MANIC despair. Vowed never to touch it again. However…

Since a couple of runs of a few things (or maybe even the passing of time) I can now tolerate it. Trying to ape what gggg123 did in his PSSD recovery, I think I can “take” Licorice Root now. Been on it a week and the occasional Kudzu root tablet (1-2 a week) I might see how I do on it for a couple of months.

Question is, have you dear reader tried it? What happened? How long were you on it before you stopped?

Fair warning again it’s an anti-androgen and lots of people have crashed on it alone. Don’t recommend trying it unless you’re daft like I am.

Mate, if you know that this plant is dangerous, why you want to take it? No one got recovered on it, as you said a lot of people crashed on it, probably got worse. What do you want to fix by taking Licorice?


I agree, maybe try an antiandrogenic substance with a milder, more predictable effect?

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ggggg123 attributes his full recovery to it. Taking it as I can now tolerate it, seems as worth it as anything else.

Not really sure it was the antiandrogenic effect that “did it” - if it even “did it” really, but do feel like giving it a try.

Well, I suppose you have to have at least the same blood results as this guy in order to replicate his recovery. Like someone with high E2 and low T takes Clomid and gets the benefits, then he writes a story here and someone sees it, but the one who sees it misses the fact that his E2 is normal or low, then he takes Clomid and gets fucked. Playing with the hormones without knowing what are you doing will lead you to nowhere, mark my words


Duly noted, probably wise. Thank you for your post.

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Took it for a month or two. Ordered the specific extract that the PSSD guy used. Definitely made me feel worse.

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Made me feel worse too, I took it for a week. Don’t think it’s a good idea bro.

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Ohhh, that’s interesting. How did you find out what he used, and what was it?

Thanks everyone for chiming in. Very interesting to see @moonman1 took it for well over a few weeks and only felt worse, I had assumed most quit after just a week or two.

I might keep going and see how I do, but I don’t think I’d encourage anyone else to. If it works miracles or does me damage I’ll report back.

Any luck?

Actually yeah, at least I think so!

Off all supps for a bit, gonna see what sticks. Will wait a bit more then update. Briefly though sleep better, ‘more’ emotions and ‘world immersion’ and can almost work half effectively, but no real sexual improvements.

Still I’d advise huge caution though, apparently it’s really hurt some folks.

I have noticed improved penile sensitivity on Licorice Root and would probably keep taking it but am terrified of what people are saying about it on here so I stopped

I tried it a few years ago and feel it might have led to a slight downturn in sexual symptoms for me. No benefits.

I avoid sweet liquorice and some herbal teas as they have liquorice root extract in them.

Does anyone know how much is in these tablets that people are taking? If what’s in foods is super low dose then I would be more inclined to eat them again as I do miss them.

I am taking it every few days - helps with sensitivity and libido. Very nervous that this will make me worse but so far only have had good results. I will report any changes positive or negative

I think it’s good in moderate doses. Nothing works as a straightforward “protocol”, but I now find licorice extract can help to put me back in a better spot when I feel stuck in limbo with other things. Only taking licorice would likely lead nowhere either. Unfortunately I recently returned my supply because of no money and a priority on other theories…
It has many effects on receptors and hormone balance. I first became interested in it because of looking for something to upregulate or modulate progesterone receptors, to see what it does. Licorice is not unique in an effect on progesterone receptors, but I like it better than some (e.g. Vitex/Agnus Castus), though I don’t know what its main balancing effects for me are based on.
But ultimately I haven’t “tested” it extensively, I just had experience of feeling better with it sometimes in moderate doses and putting me on track to improve sensitivity and libido, though I added other things shortly after it (I often do that when I feel I get no more out of something or because I am following some other theories).

Licorice root made me worse, if I remember correctly licorice root is also an inhibitor…