Libido ever coming back?

Has anyone got their libido back after Accutane? Im 2.5 years post Accutane and still no luck or even recovered a bit. Thanks

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Same here post accutane 5-6 years only time i had libido is when i did no fap for 2 weeks…but then when i masturbated it went away.

Another accutane victim says during that time frame his libido came back but his mental symptoms did not improve much.

Thanks yes my mental health is ruined but I think its due to my sexual health. Im in a ten year relationship so there is support but I can now have sex normally there is times when im back to my old self but I have zero libido none ever. I need this to return as I feel like a shell of the person I once was

My libido and erections came back 22 months after SP and has been consistent since December. They aren’t like before though. I have the rare day where it plummets, but it’s been consistent most days. I was reluctant to say that because I’m afraid others may think I’m bragging/showing off.

Im glad to hear that mines has been maybe 29 months it has got better before it didn’t work at all now i can have sex but it feels numb most times. I sometimes think its down when its up maybe there has been some damage. Im really glad you are recovering that’s great news

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Thanks, it means a lot.

I think it’s not so much “damage”, more so I think it’s like a television where the volume is turned really low or on mute and can’t find the remote. I had the numbness with low to no sensitivity also. The numbness is gone and the sensitivity is fully back now. My acne breakouts have returned though. I would prefer that than chemical lobotomy, chemical castration, insomnia, and so forth.

I have a woman who is willing to get back together. Even though the pipes work now, my problem is I cannot get over the embarrassment I had having repeated failures in the beginning. I would prefer to meet a new one who doesn’t know.

I wish the best for you, bro.

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Im 20 months right now and my libido improved something like 2% (was ridiculously high before hell). happy you are improving. Can I ask you some questions?

  1. did you have soft glans while erect?
  2. lost of size when erect or shrinkage?
  3. loss of emotions?
  4. how high would say is your libido now?
  5. did you take any approach to that or just time?

sorry for renting you. and rooting for your improvements keep happening. thanks.

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  1. Yes, it slowly got better with the other symptoms.
  2. I have penile shrinkage in length and width when flaccid or erect. You would think that would be improving with all the blood flow, but no.
  3. I lost the ability to feel any positive emotions and could only feel negative emotions. Luckily, this is gone too with this being the worst symptom I had. The mental symptoms were long gone before the sexual began to improve.
  4. It is difficult to put a percentage on it because the numbers will mean something different to me than it will to you and others. Lets say that I get a lot of blood flow there when I think, see, hear, or read about these sort of things. It still is not as high as before SP though.
  5. I hope this doesn’t turn into the “Taw protocol”, but I try to distract myself. Even before SP, I was passionate about healthy diet, exercising, drinking boiled rainwater, using herbs for flavor, meditating, having a positive attitude, occasional fasting, and etc. I did this all before SP so I feel disappointed this did not protect me from crashing. After the crash, I was not capable of doing some of these things for awhile. I did get more strict about doing them when I was able to though. I liked to distract myself with cold showers and fireworks/pyrotechnics too. I did some risky things which may or may not have contributed that I’m not comfortable mentioning for obvious reasons. I do wonder if meds given for other conditions contributed.

I stand by what I said: Those who improve to a great level but don’t post about it is because they are scared others will think they are boasting/bragging. I was worried about this and still sort of am.

Thanks so much, guys. I don’t know what else to say at the moment. Good luck to you all.


I think giving your story has helped as I was at no luck at all but this gives me some little hope so i think posting about the good as well as the bad needs to be a thing.

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As much as I want to move on, I will not abandon my brothers (or sisters) here. Survivors guilt, maybe? I am a very compassionate person. You have to be in order to make it as a certified nursing assistant. It is a weird feeling taking care of patients as a patient myself.


I’m approaching the same time mark and still in the same condition. I mistakenly thought I’ve got rid of the mental sides and improved my sexual sides a bit(no more ED, some improvements with soft glans and a bit of sensitivity back). Libido was mostly psychological, as the interest in sex came back, but there were no real physical urges.
It appeared I was wrong. The recent tragic events triggered the return of my insomnia, next came the anxiety. At least it seem manageable now. But when I decided to stop taking tadalafil, not only my tiny libido got worse, but also ED returned. And it’s already a week since I had morning wood. I’m really frustrated.

I am in a very similar boat as @Ultra

Those who recovered specifically from Fin. please tell us theres a chance at getting libido and full erections back

Did you ever get penile numbness , did you recover from that?

Also did you get your “visiual libido” / raw horniess back?

I had loss of feeling with loss of sensitivity/pleasure now fully reversed. The sensitivity/pleasure now I would dare say is better than pre-saw.

Mind-body connection, primal urge, rock hardness, fantasies, etc is back just not as strong as before saw. I am confident it can work on command when needed/wanted. This has been the case the last 5 months now. Unfortunately, I have the rare occurrence where something blunts it back to eunuch levels for a day and a half or so. It’s bizarre how a switch can flip like that. I should add that the size, meaning the length and width, has only become worse despite the blood flow increase.

Worth noting is I have acne breakouts again like in my teens. You know what though? I don’t care at all about that. I have a newfound appreciation for it now.