Libido ever coming back?

Has anyone got their libido back after Accutane? Im 2.5 years post Accutane and still no luck or even recovered a bit. Thanks

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Same here post accutane 5-6 years only time i had libido is when i did no fap for 2 weeks…but then when i masturbated it went away.

Thanks yes my mental health is ruined but I think its due to my sexual health. Im in a ten year relationship so there is support but I can now have sex normally there is times when im back to my old self but I have zero libido none ever. I need this to return as I feel like a shell of the person I once was

Im glad to hear that mines has been maybe 29 months it has got better before it didn’t work at all now i can have sex but it feels numb most times. I sometimes think its down when its up maybe there has been some damage. Im really glad you are recovering that’s great news

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Im 20 months right now and my libido improved something like 2% (was ridiculously high before hell). happy you are improving. Can I ask you some questions?

  1. did you have soft glans while erect?
  2. lost of size when erect or shrinkage?
  3. loss of emotions?
  4. how high would say is your libido now?
  5. did you take any approach to that or just time?

sorry for renting you. and rooting for your improvements keep happening. thanks.

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I think giving your story has helped as I was at no luck at all but this gives me some little hope so i think posting about the good as well as the bad needs to be a thing.

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I’m approaching the same time mark and still in the same condition. I mistakenly thought I’ve got rid of the mental sides and improved my sexual sides a bit(no more ED, some improvements with soft glans and a bit of sensitivity back). Libido was mostly psychological, as the interest in sex came back, but there were no real physical urges.
It appeared I was wrong. The recent tragic events triggered the return of my insomnia, next came the anxiety. At least it seem manageable now. But when I decided to stop taking tadalafil, not only my tiny libido got worse, but also ED returned. And it’s already a week since I had morning wood. I’m really frustrated.

I am in a very similar boat as @Ultra

Those who recovered specifically from Fin. please tell us theres a chance at getting libido and full erections back

Did you ever get penile numbness , did you recover from that?

Also did you get your “visiual libido” / raw horniess back?

How did you feel after 2 years I feel better and get morning wood every few days I also can have sex for 10/15 mins but used to be able to have it for 50 mins. My penis is hard but I cant feel it hard and have to ask sometimes as it feels soft. Did it improve slowly or one day you where better? I had an appointment today and the derm said time might be your friend sorry that’s it. I went home and cried a 27 year old man destroyed when he should be loving life not only that all my bones crunch now as well and I have zero emotions its soo annoying I wish it would go away.

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