Libido and other Improvements

After almost 12 years, I can say some thing’s definitely improved. Some things have helped more than others:
I can definitely say leg squats immediately boost libido. I squat atleast once a week and other workouts. Zinc has also proved time and again to boost my sexual function. I suspect Vit D helps, but not as strongly as the zinc. I try to take below or at the recommended daily value so I don’t over do it. Caffeine tends to boost my libido temporarily.
All in all I feel very well most days. Oddly enough the only thing I feel is not normal is my hair stopped receding, and skin and scalp remains dry. I would love to have my balding head again. Muscles are still not like before. Of course I was 23 in my prime when I took fin for 9 days. I’m 35 now.
The thing im most grateful for is that I Haven’t had debilitating brain fog since 2014 or so. That was something I don’t wish on any human being. Sleep has returned to normal.


This is good to see.

I’d just add a word of caution on anyone thinking of using zinc, since it is a 5-AR inhibitor.

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Do you sleep for 8 hours uninterrupted?

happy for you bro, keep pushing.
did you do anything specific that helped to mitigate the brain fog?
I’m going through the same