Let's improve our digestion


I’m finding that my stools are either pebbles or super dense and I am not regular anymore.

Is your digestion also bad?

Have you improved your digestive health?

I want to hear from you if you have the same symptoms or have improved them, even if you don’t know how you did it.

Let’s try and build some knowledge bases and work on these things like teams. Since improving my sleep, my condition is so much better. This is the next thing I am going to focus on. Help me, and yourself out. Even if you just post “me as well”.

If you’re embarrassed, we can talk about things in private messages.


I began a diet e few days ago to fix my digestion/gut problems. A micronutrition doc diagnosed that i have problems with dairy products, gluten, egg and carrots. He prescribed me diffrent supplements to support the diet and to help with my mental problems.
I will report the progresses in my thread.


Try a product called Acidophilus Complex, it may help you. I use it for my stomach and helps sorts out your stools as well. Google is and have a read, its brand name is Natures Aid.


I got prescribed something very similar from my doc. Hope that this will help me also, thx for the advice.


What symptoms do you get with your stomach?


Mine varies a lot but in general is bad. I don’t really pay attention to it though because I’m quite sure it’s a downstream issue of whatever is causing this. Prof Melcangi demonstrated that 5AR was impaired in many PFS patients (possibly all if I remember the study correctly), and 5AR is involved in bile acid synthesis, so I wouldn’t read into your shit too much.


Do several liver flushes. Test your stool comprehensively on pathogens, bacterias, etc.


eliminating foods that “clog” you up like gluten and dairy while adding lots of fruits, vegetables , fermented foods will fix the problem. It did for me. My breakfast is a huge green smoothie now: spinach, berries, coconut oil, whey protein, raw egg, avocado, lime. Digestion is better, bowel problems are better, my libido has made major improvements too


Thanks, I’ll speak to the doc about that.



My digestion is better. Not great, but better.

For over a month I’ve mainly eaten plants, mostly raw. I’ve drank mainly water or herbal tea. Maybe one coffee a day.

This past week I have introduced more carbs (bread mainly, normally only once a day and not every day). I’ve been drinking kefir and eating probiotic yoghurt little too. Kefir’s not the greatest taste but I think it’s having a positive effect.