Let's imagine what we're going to do after we be cured?

I haven’t opened a new topic for a long time.

My friends, if we are cured in the future, where do you want to go or do most?

For me, I hope to study English and German seriously, and then come on a global graduation trip.

I come from the center of Eurasia, a poor boy in a desolate area (similar to the civilian cave in Brazil).

I have never hiked, because I always worry about lack of money. I study hard and get good grades. I came to the capital of China, but I am still poor.

Now I have a decent job, but I have lost my health. I think life is joking with me, but I can always stand up again and again.

This may be the ultimate test. I crashed a few days after the release of Baylor research, but I always have a feeling that we will succeed.


The first thing I’d do if cured would be to go to the dentist. Right now with my gums receding back to my skull I don’t see the point…they’d be horrified and there’s no stable ground to graft anything to. I’d probably spend an unhealthy amount of time sniffing my pits and stinky socks and just appreciating the hormone tap back on. Also settle in for a mammoth beer and fap session. And keep it going with a pack of Vivarin. Maybe have a mini bonfire and burn all my PFS-related medication.

Also watch the new Michael J. Fox series on Netflix because let’s face it, he’ll be cured before we are.


Go to the gym have a sauna buy some top notch clobber, dust a few birds then get my life back in my 20s maybe Joking aside, and a rare one at that.

In reality I’d drop to my knees and weep, I’d praise God repeatedly I’d never take anything for granted again. I’d embrace every day, smell fresh cut grass, flowers, listen to music, enjoy food, connect with the world, grab my son, and never want to let go of him, be around people, look for the good in others again, do something meaningful, dedicate my life to helping the less fortunate. Make a difference. Feel of value


Id do 2 chicks at the same time

Naw I’m kidding

id Roll in the grass, read a book, appreciate a cool breeze on my skin on a hot day. I’d take a minute and feel what its like to be alive again.


Waking up in the morning with an enthusiastic feeling and just be happy to start in the day.


Not having to deal with nonsensical spontaneous anxiety spikes or my sexual dysfunction and genital anesthesia and other weird symptoms like body temperature being all over the place, it would go a long way in not feeling like a freak and being able to be more happy and spontaneous and energetic in general. I’d probably start traveling a lot, approach every pretty girl at every festival and try and push my phone number on them, start a band and get on stage, eat all the delicious foods I have been avoiding in fear of worsening of symptoms. Maybe at some point try and become a father if I find the right person.


Never complain about anything again.


Honestly, I need to start my life.
Fin was a part of my plan to take off and start my life for good, I never went to parties before, I never had sex even, but I was working very hard to put everything in order now that I was 18 yo: I started going to the gym, learning lots of things that interested me, and of course, I wanted to adress my prominent baldness too.
I would just continue where I left, would start living my life. Maybe after this, even more wildly than I originally planned.
I also remember that many years ago, I spent two whole days reading a big ass book without getting tired at all, I did nothing else aside from eating, but I didn’t even stop for that. I want to repeat that experience when I recover, ideally with the same book even.


i know it is never gonna happen, the damage is too much, feels like we broke our engine and transmission and now we are going on neutral gear and flooded engine, but if it happens I am just gonna live like a normal human, drink coffee without worrying about how it will affect my PFSed body, I will enjoy the sun the beach and nature just like pre pfs, my family should write on my tombstone 09/17/2016 as my death date, that’s when i crashed.

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I will make intense passionate love to my girlfriend , go swimming in the sea, and gaze at the beautiful view of the sun setting behind the ocean.

If my girlfriend and I are no longer together then I will begin approaching women I am attracted to on the street


You ARE making a difference, Ray. You’re an inspiration. Thanks for everything you’re doing here. Big respect!!


To look back on all of this as a bad dream
And to never have to come to this page again (no offense to you guys or anything)

Hopefully be happier than any other humans on the planet because we’ve seen hell


My previous post got deleted when we updated the forum, but I think my answer was something like “sit outside, enjoy a cold beer, and be at peace”.

This is a great thread. Beautiful responses.

I hope to do more stuff with music. I can play guitar to a pretty high level of technical competence, but the inspiration isn’t there like it used to be. When I was a kid I used to write songs all the time, just off the top of my head, the creativity was free-flowing. I hope to get back in touch with that.

I would just like to have a modestly successful life doing the things I like doing. A partner and kids would be the ultimate dream.


I’m gonna rent a yacht and invite a bunch of high quality escorts

Technically I can do this right now but I don’t feel like doing shit

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That first part is a great idea lol I’ll chip in


We’ll call it the “PFS Survival” party

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