Let's go to taurine world

This is the place you can exchange yours for yours about taurine experiences.I will take part in.(I don’t take it yet)
Please tell what happen to you when taking taurine!!

I think I felt a little lift from it when I tried a few runs on it. Not really much dramatic though, and was in combination with a few other things.

Don’t think it does much tbh.

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What is"tbh"?

Tbh = “To be honest” :slight_smile:

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I see.
Anyway I think it’s worth trying.

I have a question.
What did you try?What is other supplement?

Hello - honestly far far too much to list, sorry. Spent thousands, like probably most of us have, nothing has fixed PFS I hate to say.

I have a thread where I log most stuff, I think all that’s helped in any appreciable way has been either BroccoMax, RU, Saint John’s Wort - and goodness knows the risks they represent to PFS at the same time.

With SJW I definitely get a reprieve from some of the mental sides, but it doesn’t seem to ‘stick’ tbh. Viagra makes sex possible for sure.

Time itself could also have helped and I think it has, but I’ve not got much else, sorry.

I have had positive results from Taurine megadosing after initially crashing. It helped with penile relaxation.

Glad to hear that.
Do you have other symptoms?and are they gone?

Not by a longshot. It’s been 3 year for me and I’m still struggling with:

  • penile changes (especially while flaccid)
  • gyno
  • exhaustion
  • muscle atrophy

At least my libido and ED is solved, but I’m not sure I’ll ever be baseline ever again. Might try experimenting with exogenous hormone therapy soon (proviron, T, … ) seeing as how my public health care failed me.

I’m currently taking DIM supplementation in an effort to reduce AR density, and it is definitely having an effect on my body (can feel it working, especially in the form of strong migraines, but it has returned some feeling to my penis), time will tell if the effect will be overall positive.

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I think Melcangi’s first study was done for £25k.

Imagine if you and nine other guys had funded a study with that money instead.

Not a criticism, just something that occurred to me when reading your post.

I hope we end up with a list of things that don’t help so people don’t keep wasting their money on this stuff.


No probs, no offence taken.

I think PFS might be a little more complicated than that though. Some things that help some (or some come back to tell us cure them) don’t seem to work universally.

But yes, spent so much on doctors, tests and supplements as well as hundreds in donations here. Nothing has yielded results.

EDIT - having said that, COULD the foundation get started? I’m not really in a position of expertise here to fund studies myself (I wouldn’t know what would be worth investing in) but could Awor and Axo and the brainbox crew arrange this? I’d be very very happy knowing donated money is actively trying to find cures, based on the most current knowledge.

Is that possible?

Maybe you have GABA or neutral problems.So boosting testosterones may not affect you…
It may be good ways to have GABA,magnesium,amino acids,baking soda and so on.
Then I suggest you do keto diet.If you are interested in it,watch @Ozeph story.He succeeded to do and mostly get rid of symptoms.I am ready to do too.
And I don’t think to contribute PFS foundation is not always a good choice.What on earth do they contribute to us?

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Well, for a start they provide this forum and a place for us to come together and learn at least we’re not alone. Axo, Awor and many others in “the research crew” have also spent a lot of time in research and raising awareness, creating surveys etc.

If you’re frustrated however at the lack of application towards actually and actively finding a cure though based on the most current knowledge, which is I agree what probably MOST of us want the focus to be, then I guess you don’t need to contribute, if you don’t think that your money would be spent in a direction you agree with.

I know they are working well,but I have been disappointed with their results many times.I will never expect.We after all must search for our own way to defeat PFS symptoms…

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I certainly can’t disagree. However at least for now I’ll continue to donate despite that.

I don’t have enough money and time to donate…

Every sustance you take, can worse your situation. Don’t risk. Find a doctor who believe in syndrome and try with him.

Unbelievably,there is no doctor who manage in PFS in japan.Any doctors say"fin is safe!Not serious sides!"hahaha
If you were in japan,you might be despaired.
Anyway no doctors all over the world know what exactly PFS is and what condition we have.We have to experiment ourselves repeatedly.And have to find protocol and remedy.