Leo Longevity PED recovery protocol could work for us - (HCG, rFSH, Enclomiphene, AI)

Here’s the video - LINK

Basically the protocol is this:

Phase 1: 0 - 3 weeks

  • HCG 1000 units EOD for 3 weeks

Phase 2: 3 weeks - 6 months

  • Increase HCG to up-to 3000 units EOD.

  • Add anastrozole at 0.5 mgs every day.

  • at 25mgs every day.

  • Get blood tests and titrate HCG dose depending on response.

Phase 3: 6 months - 18+ months

  • Add rFSH at 75 units. Slowly to build to a maximum of 400 units. Titrate according to semen analysis.

  • Increase HCG up to a maximum of 5000 units EOD.

  • Anastrozole stays the same unless a blood test indicates it’s necessary to raise it.

  • Enclomiphene raises to 75mgs every day, could go as high as 100 if needed.

Leo mentioned in the comments that it could work for PFS sufferers. Seems like it could be a more comprehensive update to the HCG protocol.