I would like to know if someone other than me has always constant pain on his legs,i feel pain from my balls to all my legs and some times i even can t walk for the pain,it s like a muscolar contraction .



I fell symptoms like yours and mostly cycling, walking or going upstairs. I have low T and this explain this symptoms but I also took muscle biopsy and the doctor said the pain (mitocondrial miopathy) could be caused by drugs although he didn’t dare to blame finasteride.



yes,the pain is too much strong…so what test have you done for it (i would like to do them too) and what about your T level?



My T levels and other hormone values are on this site.
I was operated on a leg, I mean, they cut a piece of muscle to investigate if my cells, exactly, my mitochondrias could breath in good conditions. The Doc confirm a mitochondrial miopathy possibly caused by drugs. However He couldn’t confirmed it was induced by finasteride.
Mew could show you some studies in which rates suffered mitochondrial miopathy during taking finas.



i have legs pain… but my balls are allright



so,INSOMNIA,do you think legs pain is due to low testosterone?



No. At least in my case the doctor said it was caused by drugs, but he did not dare to say finasteride was the drug. Why? I think for the same reason that it is really difficult to us guilting finasteride as the shit that have broken our bodies
People with low T use to have pain legs. They are common symptoms.
If you google “pain in legs”, there are lots of health problems associated.



any body else has gone for biopsy for mitochondiral damage/miopathy?



I have the sensation that I have worked out my legs everyday for the past two months. I get random muscle soreness through legs and sometimes upper body. Bloo test reveals CK level of 711 and elevated aldolase.

My doctor thinks it myositis and autoimmune disease. I think it’s bullshit and think its all finasteride. Been off it for 45 days now. Have a scheduled EMG I’m April.

Anyone else in this situation?



My legs literally hurt every day although I train them very rarely these days. If I go and play soccer it takes like a week to recover to my current “normal” state. And in the normal state the legs still hurt.



I cannot play soccer or run/ jog anymore because within 5 minutes terrible pains in my legs begin. It also takes a whole week for me to recover from any exercise like this.

I am certain that my bones, muscles and circulation are not right since PFS. I wake up and my hands are weak, I can barely open and close them, my feet throb and sometimes turn purple. My teeth are also turning ‘see through’ at the tips.

I am worried that my teeth are going to start crumbling and have early onset of arthiritis like other members on this board.



My lower teeth have turned brownish and see-through at the tips too!? Should I be worried? I thought this was because terbinafine I used for toenail fungus but it could be fin too, since it started when I was on my 2nd stint on fin (I was on terbinafine at the same time). The same things happened to my upper front teeth too but gladly it has almost completely vanished there. I hardly eat any sugar or junk food compared to what I previously ate, so it can’t be that.



someone on this foru have recover of bones issues?



I have started to get pain in most muscles, feel weak and coordination affected. Dr looking at possible Ms type symptoms. I also have clicking joints and arms are tight and tingling. Legs feel like they are going to give away. Had this on and off since March and everyday for past 3 weeks.



Try CMO Cetyl Myristoleate
I noticed improvement within 2 days. The other joint supplements I’ve tried over the years didn’t show any short-term effect. Also try magnesium oil spray.



Me too. I have all symptoms as you. Do you have any improvement from taking off the drugs? How long did you feel better?



@xfinuser are you better now ? I have the same sintoms



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