Leaky urine/incontinence

I guess this is both something of an update and a desperate question:

Since I last posted things have been pretty much the same as they were, the sexual sides have actually been a little better probably because I’ve been more active and doing manual labour, though the painful genital numbness is still constant.

One thing that’s become more concerning is whenever I pee, no matter what, I can’t empty my bladder and so it will leak for a while after I’ve finished using the toilet. This is extremely humiliating, and I don’t know what to do to stop it. I sometimes feel what I assume is prostate pain, if this is of any help? Can someone please advise me what to do? I’ve been trying both kegels and pelvic release exercises but I have no idea what (if anything) is helping


If anyone could give me some advice or at least hope over this issue, I’d really appreciate it. I’m 25 years old, I shouldn’t have to worry about this problem

Sorry mate I didn’t see this. I’ve actually experienced this a bit and the only thing I can say is that it’s improved with time. It’s an intermittent symptom in the sense that it does return during periods of declining condition but usually doesn’t stick.

I’d hope this would be the same for you. The only advice I can give is give it time and try not to go wild with self experimentation in an attempt to treat it.


Happens to me as well from time to time. Not exactly sure of the cause.

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I do wonder if it’s caused by brain/nerve damage. The ability to control urine stream and the “feeling” that our bladder is emptied is a direct connection with the brain and nerves.

I’ve had bladder problems for the last four years and very similar to what you described… I was on finasteride for almost 10 years before I started getting side effects, the bladder problems were one side effect and when I finally put two and two together (realising that finasteride was causing all my problems), I immediately came off the drug (in August 2019)… I just use some tissue and give it a decent shake at the end which seems to get rid of all or most of it, although it can take a while before i think it’s finally empty… As for it being extremely humiliating, I think alot of men have this problem, even men who’ve never taken finasteride so I wouldn’t stress about it

My bladder problems got worse after I came off finasteride in August 2019… A cup of nettle root tea every morning did wonders and seemed to sort out a lot of my non ED problems e.g. bursting to pee, waking up in the middle of the night to pee and not peeing properly… Then I got covid in September of 2020 and my bladder went to the dogs until early December when someone told me to drink a pint of celery juice every morning on an empty stomach - I did and it helped alot - it’s suppose to be great at detoxifying your system… I took it for a month and the only reason I didn’t take it longer is because I’ve been travelling and it’s not easy to get… My bladder has been really bad over the past month or so… It looks like I’ll be settled in one place now for a while so I’ve just ordered two weeks worth of it and may get myself a juicer… I intend to drink a pint of celery juice every morning for the next 12 months once I get settled and I’m hoping my gut system improves dramatically

Although the nettle root worked wonders for me, any time I mention a supplement someone says it made them worse so each to their own… I am not a doctor but my kinesiologist recommended nettle root

I’ve always thought kegels helped me

Best of luck

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Thank you, this is very reassuring! Having read some other accounts on here, it seems for many it’s an intermittent problem, so this is very much what I’m hoping is the case with me too

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Thank you for your reply, these are very helpful suggestions and don’t sound too drastic so I’ll definitely try them out.

I’ve been trying kegels, and I hope I notice a difference as a result of them soon

That’s an interesting theory I didn’t think of. I just assumed that fin gave us prostatitis and I know a symptom of that can be bladder control problems. Does anything work for you?

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Having that for years too.
Actually is symptomatology of prostate benign hyperplasia. Go figure.
I had it not for Finasteride but due SSRI. Where is a common non-described side effect too.

I have this too. It comes and goes… Almost feels like right testicle/ right vas deferns and right kidney are inflamed. No matter how much I shake, once I bend over or something out comes some more urine… It’s very annoying. Almost feels like someone is pinching my right kidney/ vas deferens and it is causing it to trickle out…

As time goes by I am noticing a strong correlation between symptoms and diet. Certain foods such as Fatty meats, or Simple sugars seem to make me worse.

Honestly this is one of the many symptoms that I have and this particular symptom is low on my priority list so I just accepted it and moved on. Probably not the best answer but it’s the truth.

I have It too from time to time. In my case it’s in correlation with shrunken penis. Thanks god I have it like 10% of the days…

I have consulted a Urologist/Sexologue in Amsterdam that recognize PFS, and he advised doing pelvic floor exercises to help with that. Mine was just a bit of leaking after urinating.
I haven’t started yet cause this symptôme improved by itself over the past few months


I’ve had urination issues for years. Almost five to be exact. First noticed it while still on fin (I was 22 at the time so you can imagine how I felt, being in university surrounded by young people but having the peeing habits of an old man). Have to get up at night to pee, pee lots during the day. Penis lacks the muscles and “force” it used to have when peeing, so it makes it tough to fully empty. Will drip a bit after finishing, so clothes can have stains. It’s just become a part of my life now unfortunately. I seem to be one of the few members who hasn’t improved really at all but instead has slowly gotten worse.

This is exactly how it is for me too, as soon as I sit down the leak happens. I’m pretty near the end of my tether with all this, I’m not sure what to do.

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It’s one of those symptoms that is just humiliating to me, alongside the constant cold pain; while the sexual sides are arguably ‘worse’, they only manifest in situations I choose to get into, but the ones I mentioned there are always present and I can never feel normal as a result

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When it comes to pelvic floor workouts, I’m unsure if it’s better to do things like kegels, or pelvic floor releasing activities. If you have any idea let me know!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m actually on SSRI’s currently (I began them a long time after I got PFS), and have been in two minds about quitting them. On the one hand it’s possible they’re making these new symptoms worse, but on the other hand I see people on here talk about low doses of Prozac (what I take) helping them.

Does anything help at all (for both that and the shrinkage)?