Leaky gas,gut problem


I Stop with propecia for 1year now and still got some real strange site effects…”leaky gas”.
After using this sht, i fart 24/7 and i don’t even notice my self… i don’t smell it my self but other people smell it.
Sometimes people think i shit my fu
cking pants… it’s realy weird…

Is there any one else with te same problem?

Sorry for my bad English!

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Yeah i never had issues before bot these days i have gas 7/24 and i have to fart anytime, but i do notice them. I don’t know if this related to my Accutane usage 4 years back.

finasteride really destroyed my life… i lost my family,friends and almost work because i’m incontinent and farting 24/7 and don’t even know it… What the fu*ck is that for side effect… I never have this before and after taking this shit i feeling myself sick every day and smell like shit every day…
No one believes me and think i’m a fucking lunatic… ive tried a lot of things in my life, but this is the stuppist shit ive ever ussed… i’m 26 and for almost 3years fart icontinece, brainfrog,depressed,erection problems all because a fucking hairloss pill!!


You can cure yourself, especially your gut. Search it on this forum. You will find proper supplements to try. Good luck man.

One question: Have you experience “squeeze/push to fart” situation? There must be some problem in my pelvic muscles because whenever i had to fart, i must push it with my muscles to let it out. Its pretty weird. It comes slowly, builds up inside in my gut, i reflexively hold it there to build more gas before fart. When its enough, i push it out. Its like a manual process while it happens automatically on healthy persons. Weird.

Some times i can feel it,but mostly i can’t feel anything. I can’t even smell my self its fucking ridiculous… I found more people with this problem and they think it’ IBS. Most of the the time i have no warning and no feeling…

Have you tried cutting out wheat? I used to love the stuff, but since PFS years ago, I can’t tolerate it well. Even oatmeal sends me right to the bathroom, and it practically leaks out and smells horrible.

Have you tried adjusting your diet to see if there are any changes? For what it’s worth, when I was on some supplements, things improved there, but I’ve tried so many, I don’t remember which combination.

Has anyone experiencing controlled force to pass a gas?? Let me explain: Passing a gas or farting is a reflexive action, if you have it you can just let it out reflexively when it comes at the end of the intestines.

But in my case, the gas comes, it goes down and at the end of the road, i need to squeeze my muscles to let it out! So i force myself to pass a gas! If i don’t do it it builds up inside. There is definately something wrong under down there, what can i do? Anyone experiencing this “squeeze yourself in order to pass a gas” situation? It feels unnatural!

This is normal. It keeps a person from shitting their pants. Could you imagine if it just slipped out every time pressure built up!?

As much as details are appreciated, you have been obsessively posting about every benign, minute, curiosity about your physiology and seem to expect an answer from people with much more pressing issues to deal with. Could you please be considerate of this in the future?


People start absurdly linking FIN with any physiological aspect. There was another absurd thread about herniated disc and FIN from other user.

Yeah but that herniated disc problem is actually related to Fin… maybe not his, but axolotl shared some user reports there… anyways, who knows the exact truth…

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Really? Why do you think this is far-fetched?

If bone mass and muscle tone are affected, why wouldn’t that make one more prone to lower-back injuries.

Even IBD is associated with hypogonadism.

I think it’s a very narrow viewpoint for those with strictly sexual side effects to ignore possible systemic effects of these drugs.

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I am not ignoring other possible effects. Definitely it might cause depression, anhedonia, sexual, mental and other sides. But I am skeptical when people claim that their face bones have changed or they developed herniated disc due to fin. Doesn’t mean I am 100% right here, but statistically it’s just few people who mention about these changes.


It’s understandable that you are. I was also one who was skeptical of people claiming changes in bone structure, believing it to be a permanent attribute after adulthood is reached until I learned about how bone is recycled/reformed.

I wanted to bump this because i know this is not normal. It feels like there is some blockage for my gas to go out, i need to push it myself to pass a gas. It wasn’t like this before so i am sure this is by PAS. It is very uncomfortable and kinda hurts.

Another user here also talked about the same thinf years ago. Is this issue indicates there is some gut damage?