Latest endo results


Hi Guys,
Letter from endo states total test 9.8 nmol/L free test 180 gonadotrophins LH 3.5 FSH 8.2 and IGF -1 is 29 nmol/L

As a result he’s not putting me on trt right now, quite disappointed but wondering if you have any views on this, right decision by him.



What are the normal ranges listed on the report?

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TT is fine if you are 95 years old…

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All lower end


It would be a lot easier to read with the ranges added in the format most people use

Something like:
Total test 800 [300-900]

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Free test of 180 normal 160 to 470 that was the only one where range was included


If you want TRT, I’d recommend a HRT clinic like Defy. They’ve also heard of PFS. I know because I am one of their patients and took clomid from them. They will help you. Other clinics will not be as skilled or knowledgeable in TRT, in my opinion, unless you have a urologist or endocrinologist who is knowledgable in TRT and male function on it.

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In the UK?


Ahh I’m sorry, I’m from the states. I don’t know of any quality private HRT clinics in the UK.

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No probs thanks buddy


Had a call from the endo consultant and he stated my free test has improved a little so doesn’t want to commit me to lifelong trt when my body maybe starting to recover from fin. He conceded the new added sympt of freezing limbs is likely thyroid related but stated by blood count is normal. Hello we already know this! Agreed for me to have more bloods tomorrow to see what these throw up. Not overly confident I’ll be getting any help soon. I sense another door starting to close