Lamotrigine induced full blown erectile dysfunction

Hello mates,

I am writing this to warn you guys on something you will not find over the web.
I have been suffering strong and constant pelvic pain for months now. I suspect it’s pudendal nerve related pain as it’s sharp and fluctuates through the perineum, testicles and penis, and it gets way stronger every time i try to exercise. I have taken different analgesics and NSAIDs to no avail. Then I decided to give a try to a low dose gabapentin as it’s shown first line therapy for pudendal neuralgia. Next day ED was worsened. Penile sensitivity which i already had decreased was worsened as well. However it lasted just a day and i got back to the baseline the day after. Pain stayed strong and constant though so i couldn’t function normally.
After searching on a treatment i found SSRI, SNRI, and Lamotrigine shown as 2nd line therapy for pudendal neuralgia. Without having a single thought of using any of first two, I decided to go with Lamotrigine. The initial lowest dose is 25 mg so i decided to start with even lower one. 12.5 mg first day. After my second dose of 12.5 mg i woke up with completely dead penis. Today is 3th day since discontinuation and seems it’s getting worse as I am experiencing an extreme lack of sensitivity. No matter how strong i squeeze my penis, I feel absolutely nothing. Pain is much less but the significant worsening I got is not fun at all.
lamotrigine is shown as safe in terms of sexual sides drug. It’s hard to find cases reporting such effects. Stay away from Lamotrigine!

I’m very sorry to hear you’re experiencing this, but from hereon out stay away from everything imo.

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