Lack of sweating / goosebumps when it’s hot outside

Does anyone experience this? It could be 90 degrees out side and I’m walking and there’s little to no sweating coming from my thighs /genital area or arm pits to cool me down. I also get goosebumps sometimes when it’s hot outside(I know it’s a sign of heat exhaustion ) and I won’t even be outside for like 5 minutes. I constantly feel like I’m having hot flashes.

I’m surprised I haven’t gotten more rashes from my legs rubbing together without sweat.


I was never a super sweaty person to begin with but, yes, I notice this too. I think it has something to do with the chronic low body temperature we all have

what is considered as low body temperature for pfs?

no one?

doesn’t seem like many(almost no one) people share this symptom :confused:

I was wondering about the issue with the body temperature. Mine is now constantly over 36.5 degrees. Measured with an infrared device on the forehead.