Lack of enjoyment? Positive stories/experiences?

Hello all,

I’ve posted a couple of topics recently as a relatively new member (3 months in). While many of my symptoms seem to be improving, and have improved vastly since the first month, I’ve noticed new symptoms setting in past few days and want to get some input from others.

My main symptoms are primarily neurological (insomnia, anxiety, and stress tolerance), although I am currently now experiencing some reduced libido and reduction in erection quality and more difficult to get an erection as well, although not impossible.

Until now when I get good sleep, I feel relatively normal, meaning I can enjoy the things I usually do. I have a passion for playing games and enjoy playing with my kids and watching certain shows. However, past few days this has seemed to go away, I don’t get enjoyment from much of anything or have any drive to do these things I used to love. I still feel it almost come back for very brief periods and I feel fleeting enjoyment in some other things as I go about my day, but for the most part I’ve lost it. I’ve basically lost connection to the things that previously defined me. I’m a bit of a zombie right now just going through the motions.

Is this depression or some other symptom? Is this common among PFS patients? I don’t feel particularly sad or anything, although I can still feel sad. Cried at a funeral the other day. What is this? Does it commonly go away over time? I know 3 months is early and things are still very up and down for me. Just a few days ago, I wanted to play games.

Just trying to figure out what’s going on and hope to get some feedback from others that have experienced and recovered from this particular symptom. I’m pretty scared to peruse the forum now as my stress tolerance can’t take the negative posts, I’m looking for some positive stories/notes here if at all possible for this symptom.

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Most still suffer from zombie-like anhedonia.

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Please positive stories only!

I can say this particular symptom can certainly improve. It did for me, recently I’ve been feeling kind of good but still more dull than pre fin.

The consensus in the literature as of right now is that one of the main drivers for anohedia in PFS is dopamine dysfunction / dysregulation.

This would also happen in cocaine/meth addicts for example. And in most cases those people can go back to a normal life after long enough abstinence.

I’ve only read one study where they showed heavy and long term use of such drugs damaged the dopagernic system enough that the subjects could never live a normal life.

I think it’s likely we ain’t as damaged as those persons, although we might have lost some dopamine releasing neurons.

We must have realistic expectations, maybe going back to 100% pre fin isn’t possible, but there’s always room for improvements.

Next time I’ll lie.


I’ve definitely experienced some improvement with anhedonia and emotional blunting over time. It’s just not the same feeling as it used to be, but it’s not like the complete nothingness I had in the first 12 months.

I feel the same way 95% of the time. Only now I can’t even come up with the words to describe how I’m feeling, especially when stressed it’s like my mind draws blanks and I get panicky and my memory is at it’s worse… Before my flght or flight response would kick in and I would be clear and competent especially playing sports not anymore. Emotions are flatlined don’t really get excited much. I use my memories of how I felt during an experience to remind myself how to feel in the present. I believe depression is similar but caused from a different mechanism. We need a biomedical engineer to design us medication specific to our disease or depression.

Sorry the truth is better than being fake about this condition. Getting lots of sun if you can and try to stay on a regular sleep schedule. Cut out booze and eat healthy , get exercise. That’s about all that works for me to make me feel as normal as possible while battling this disease. Just has been a huge adjustment, because I was good at staying out late and boozing