Labs Two Week Mark After Crash

Lags after TRT:

Interesting how your T isn’t that high but both estrogen and DHT is above range.

Is this topical TRT and what dosage?

Any difference in your symptoms?

Edit: Saw you had E2 measured twice with one being ultrasensitive. Was the blood for these tests taken at the same time?

IM - 300/14 days. Taken at onset, week 2, and week 4, and the latest results come 15 days following said final dose.

Seem to get worse. Penis feels almost lighter in the weird half erections I can achieve in OD’ing on cialas at 25mg/day. Libido still absolute zero. Joints, esp knees, on fire from mundane tasks, etc.

Felt more emotional. Cried a lot (where I cannot recall doing as an adult). Seems to have tapered a bit since last shot.

Yes - bought package tests and sensitive separate, but same draw.

I appreciate you reviewing.

With apologies for typos. Generally very poor experience. I stand in awe since 8/1/23. “Crash” is truly the correct word. Indescribable. I’m middle of having sex and bam — everything shut down. Penis, libido. Zero interest in the women in front of me. Physical symptoms in following days/weeks/months were everything I remember from accutane, though attributed to “getting near 30” and drinking (while on accutane). Weed masked them - could sleep again without icing above my groin, no more “restless leg syndrome,” no more insomnia, no more joint pain, etc. Then completely crushed in truly an absolute instant. I kept telling docs it was like lightning (and dismissed repeatedly).