Lab Tests results 3.5 months after last pill(took only 6 pills total)

LSH 9.4 miU/ML (Normal Range said to be 1.7-8.6)

Prolactin 27.9 ng/mL (Normal said to be between 4-15)

FSH 1.5 (Normal Said to be 1.5-12.4)

Magnesium 2.0 mg/dL (Normal said to be 1.6-2.6)

TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL 552.33 ng/dl (Normal said to be 165-753)

FREE T 17.14 pg/ml (Normal said to be 9.1-32.2)

% Free T 0.31 (Normal said to be 0.18-0.68)

Homocysteine 11.95 umol/L (Normal said to be 5.5-16.2)

Cortisol 17.4 ug/dL (Normal range for 7-9 am is 5.2-22.45 and 3.44-16.76 for the afternoon)

SHGB 15 nmol/L (Normal range said to be 13-71)

DHT 724.17 pg/mL (Normal range is 250-990) My pre-fin DHT was around 900

Zinc 72.92 ug/dL (Normal range said to be 70-120)

I took 4 pills of fin in early Nov 2019, suffered sexual sides until Nov 22. I then took 2 pills of fin, one on Jan 27 and then one on Feb 3rd. Sides still continue. Used minoxidil around 10 times overall in life too.

Was taking a lot of vitamin supplements as well, including Vitamin D 10k daily for 5 months starting October. Capsules of Amino Acid, Vitamin C, Folic Acid. Soft Gelatin capsules of Ginseng, Gingko Biloba, Lactic Acid Bacillus with Multivitamin and Minerals. Cod Liver oil and Gamma Linolenic Acid. Iron, Bioflavonoids, Calcuium Aspartate, Calcium Orotate tablets as well… for about 1 month then stopped.

Anyone in a similar situation to me, in terms of the blood tests and recovered, improved or worsened?? Any thoughts would be appreciated, thank you guys, the forum has been more helpful than my doc until now for sure and helped convince him and my family that PFS is real.

Brother thanks for updating us.
Some paramters are out of whack so to see, now what does this mean in terms of what to do?

Is there a test for the amount of DHT in your body (type 1,2,3)?

Since I’ve read that finasteride might damage the enzyme that helps the conversion to specifically DHT type 2.

What do you mean? Is there a different kind of DHT test to the one that I’ve already been tested for?

Well I havent done any blood test myself, but I am curious what the serum levels of Testosterone as well as DHT type 1,2 and 3 will be at this very moment.

The following link gives an idea of how you will be able to check dht serum levels.

My DHT level is included in the blood work.

It has dropped since pre fin as I have noted but well within normal

My bad, smart of you that you did a test before starting fin.

I have no clew what my baseline is/was.

how did you come up with this checklist of parameters? Did your GP tell you this or did you find it somewhere on this forum?

found most from the forum, some recommended by the urologist. Got prolactin done thankfully whereas my uro didn’t suggest that. big knowledge gap in terms of fin ED vs “Regular ED” stuff i guess or maybe it’s just my doc…

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