Lab Results - Interpretation Help

Your symptoms are definitely not due to anxiety. This is just a typical refrain by closed minded doctors who have no interest in solving novel diseases. They have been trained to be this way and to deliver prepared statements which end up gaslighting us.

That’s a good article you found about T reference ranges. What would she consider low T? Also, does she have your testosterone levels from a time before you experienced symptoms? That would give a more accurate picture of what your personal range of T is. If your T was the same when you were healthy then her opinion would make some sense. But if your T was much higher when you were healthy, it’s obvious a drop in T is a potential cause of your symptoms. Unfortunately most of us don’t have this info.

Hopefully raising your T improves symptoms but it’s not a sure thing and could worsen symptoms. Only way to know is if you try it. Worth a try if your symptoms are severe and long lasting. Risk vs reward as always.


What you could do if you prefer, is contact the hospital for a second opinion, because you have a different opinion, and you’re convinced your issues are not taken serious.

Another option is speak about this data directly with her. But from what you’ve said about her that’ll probably lead nowhere.

If you’d get that second opinion you should prepare the appointment, and make sure you can explain clearly what the issue is, and why that would make sense. Don’t take to much time explaining mental issues, itll only bring down your credibility. And bring counterarguments with you as well.

Also, see this as your last shot. Because from here, there isn’t much else you can do without paying private companies to solve your issues.

That’s what I would do.

EDIT: If you test again do it at the same time. (My endo said testing consistently at 9 am would be most ideal.)

Ah shit, here we go again

Thank you for sharing this information. It’s pretty much what I expected from the doctors. I did testosterone checks twice(when I was in the middle of a shitstorm on Roa and half a year later). Both times the level was almost the same, just in the middle of normal range. And my doctor said it was OK, she put the blame on anxiety and stress for my symptoms. Although I don’t have any before-Roa test (why would a healthy young man do that?), I believe it could be higher due to my strong libido in the past. I think you might have some drop too, but it could be just one of the consequences of the real problem. I’m sure our problem lies not in a decreased level of testosterone, but in inability of our bodies properly handle it.
In my opinion, you should do another test as proposed but do not expect wonders. My bet is it would be close to the same level, maybe somewhat higher.