La mia vita è finita


In addition to this damn disease that came to me because of the woman I love, in addition to all the situation of which he is aware he was able to tell me the most horrible things making me still hurt. This is not a nightmare it’s something more than hell. I wanted leave it to her just something of me… he did not want to. I was hoping that at least he would accept a gift from me that in the end is nothing wrong … She is heartless because after the evil she did me, she gave me the final blow… Sorry friends I give up my life is over


Damon, don’t do anything stupid!!!
I’m 33 and I look 50 - everything in one year because of Spironolactone and I’m trying to find some purpose in life, maybe they will come up with a cure and your situation will improve!!!

I know it must be difficult right now, but don’t give up on your self!!!
Life will finish anyway and why would you not live it well?

Answer us!

PS.Does anyone have his Facebook?


Stay strong bro! You will definitely improve, and you will find out that the one you loved once is not that important when some time pass, believe me! I’ve been through this too and when I think of it now, I cannot belive why I was acting this way! Simply, if someone does not show his compassion, care and love towards you, he does not deserve to be loved at all, you should take care of yourself now and don’t allow anyone to let you down bro!


I feel so bad tonight, I do not breath, I cry and I just want to die! God this is hurting … It’s cruel! This is the most cruel thing in the world! Making a person sick and hurting him even more is monstrous. This syndrome, this disease had to happen to me to show me how I wasted my youth and the beauty of life … for a monster … Denunciami da morto Simona! Una volta ti dissi che mi avresti avuto sulla coscienza… tu nemmeno ce l’hai una coscienza! Tu sei la malvagità fatta persona!


You Hang in there Damon - there will be better days. And crying isn’t always bad. Remember some people on here are not capable of crying or feeling at all - so take that as a sign that your humanity remains. I know it’s not the desired emotion, but embrace the fact that we are human. Embrace the hope that things will get better. You are the bottom and the only direction you can move in now is up. Stay up and hold on to see another day.


It’s unbelievably cruel and unfair Damon, but not a day goes by where we aren’t doing something to further this issue scientifically. I do believe the issue has more organisation now than there has ever been, and so does @awor. Even the moderators here are now on a task for the clinical scientists. This is what being here is for for many of us - to make real progress and not have this issue swept aside. I myself personally have experienced everything you are talking about. I know people without the devastating effects saying “I know” might not ring true but I do. I’ve lost what you have physically, cognitively and I have lost the love of my life. It’s even taken my memories away. For me everything changed with one dose, and it never makes sense no matter what I know. But I can not and will not accept that’s the story of us. Those of us severely affected physically and mentally must endure because the plain fact is the truth is on our side. The technology to reveal this is advancing at a pace your depression won’t let you appreciate, and once we can establish the real bigger picture here this wont just be some scramble for alternative therapies for a single drug’s strange effects, it’ll be a public health issue related to a serious disease that can follow endocrine disruption in certain people, as the powerful literature review by Traish clearly states and as you personally embody. I wish I could help you or give you some relief now, as I wish I could do for myself, but I promise I’ll do everything I can to find a light at the end of the tunnel. Please be brave.


Damon, we are with you. Please don’t give up my friend. If the woman you love does not understand and support you, she is not worthy of your feelings. You can count on us, we’re here for you. You will improve, please give your body some time. Take care.


@damon try and read @mcibofh new thread he will tell he was the same as well. Pfs induces severe depression/anxiety but you have to look beyond it, although I appreciate its extremely difficult! Hang in there brother! If she won’t listen or understand the girl is not worth your time!


Hi Damon, i don’t know what is going on between you and your girlfriend. But it seems like i have experienced similar things in my life. Many girls turned me over while im expecting a love relationship because of our sincerity + i got cheated on from my first girlfriend…

This is life and bad things will keep going to happen. We are defined and create ourselves by what kind of reaction we give to these situations. If your girlfriend doesn’t really love you, you should just break up with her and let it go to the wisdom of time. Im going to finish my message with my favourite quote from my lovely tv show (Twin Peaks): There are powerful forces of evil in the world. It is some men’s fate to confront great darkness. We each choose how to react. If the choice is fear, then we become vulnerable to darkness.

Don’t become vulnerable to darkness :slight_smile:


Just want to echo what everyone in this thread is already saying and that if you ever need someone to talk to or vent feel free to private message me and we can figure out a way to talk whether it be through Skype, discord, etc… this goes for anyone else that reads this as well.

Please hang in there man and don’t do anything rash. Like others have said progress is being made daily and in the end we will all come out of this stronger mentally and physically.


@Damon you don’t have a choice man. You’re gonna hold on.

This isn’t fair.

Life can change. You can be happy again. It will be hard but you are strong enough and you have our support. We’re all in this together.


I can no longer live like this, this woman killed me


Yes you can. You can do this. Life will suck for a while.

It’s possible to get better and we will find a treatment.

Imagine giving up just before you get better.

Imagine giving up before a breakthrough that leads to being able to treat this.

You’re going to have to forget what came before.

Things can get better.


Tutto questo è un dannato incubo…
Non riesco più a sopportarlo…


Now is not the time for suicide, when we are on the verge of a much clearer understanding of this condition. This is not like a decade ago, when there was absolutely zero investigative effort.

The worst scenario would be to end it all, only for a solution to be available the next day.