L histidine warning

Took it for a few days and i am infinitely

Brain fog
Muscle pain

I was doing so well mentally too. Best i was in years. Now im back in the shit.

Im Never touching anything new again.

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Im sorry to hear that. What kind of dosage were you taking per day?
It seems maybe there are some that feel better taking an antihistamine and a few that actually felt they had a brief full recovery taking l histidine.
This is something I have been looking at pretty extensively and might say histamine could play a role.
I havent taken l histidine myself, but rather a probiotic that produces histamine in the gut, that mainly seems to activate h2 receptors.
This is something to keep in mind as well, the 4 different histamine receptors, as some might cancel out the others.

I have a good example soon of a balance of histamine being looked at from everything from ALS, alzheimer’s, and MS. Neuroimmune inflammatory diseases.
In ALS for example, there might be a window where either antihistamines or histamine might be effective for treatment, depending on the state or progression of disease.

Id also say looking at the big picture, I dont expect real recovery to be a silent process,
but distinguishing between an actual healing phase or general worsening is a big problem without knowing whats really going on.

People shouldn’t be so susceptible to a couple pills of an amino acid (or insert here whatever), yet I know we are.

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Have been taking massive amounts without any significant changes.

I wasnt taking much ! The pills are 1g only and i was taking maybe half. Its so crazy it crahed me this bad. Mentally i was doing so so so well. Like 80% better. Although physically i am in the dumps on all fronts. But the mental clarity i was experiencing is gone and my brain fog, visual snow, depression and derealization are all back and worse than i can remember. Maybe its just me i am so insanely sensitive to everything. I took it to help heal my gut. Now my gut is bubbling and growling non stop.

When i first took it it made my hair so shiny and full. I had 4 people comment on how good my hair looked. Like over night it made my hair look and feel better. How is this possible? Now its back to being like dry straw and i feel fucking horrible. Just met this really cute girl too wish i had my brain from a week ago still haha. Instead of this foggy shit brain i have now.

Oh well

Oh i was also getting morning wood again. No more after the histidine my dick is dead. rip

So your talking about a food equivalent or even less (granted its isolated)

When seeing this extreme and rapid variability from person to person, whether its histidine, milk thistle mushrooms, vitamin d, vitamin k, fat, glucose,protein,carbs, etc, I think the possibly more rapid modifying effects of a person’s microbiome need to be kept in mind.
Also looking at a possible role for histamine, I dont think the difference would come from the diet, thats not going to vary much in the general population.

I totally agree. Im so sensitive to everything. I wonder if my guts are so messed up and perforated that anything i put in it leaks into my system faster. Idk.

Im so upset im doing this poorly again. When i was doing so well mentally for a few weeks there. Especially that i just met this girl. Why am i still doing this?

I was actually looking at histamine as a antiinflammatory in the gut and a gut regulator. I’ve had gut problems myself post Accutane. It’s one of my biggest concerns atm. I believe negative consequences can stretch far beyond the gut.

Accutane ruined my guts. Give it a shot idk man. It crashed me but other s have had success. It did reduce my bloating some but has completely fucked me otherwise

Based on your reaction you could look at the opposite. A histamine h2 blocker in the gut to see if it calms things down for you.

Im never taking another supplement or medication ever again

Doing much muchh worse btw

Is this still in regards to the histidine you took awhile ago? you haven’t taken anything since then?

Ya man. All I’ve done is quit smoking and also had a root canal but no other supps. Really not doing well tho :frowning:

So am I to understand that over time some of your visual snow and derealization improved ?