L-carnitine and resistance excersize upregulate androgen receptor

Interesting use of muscle biopsy to measure AR.
Anecdotal note - supplementing with acetyl-L-carnatine, as well as lifting heavy, has in brief interludes reduced some of my post fin symptoms. - kaz


I also confirm with me L carnitine and also coenzyme q 10 helped a lot

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How did you benefit specifically?

my main symptoms caused by “finasteride” there were symptoms of brain fog.
lack of concentration, losing the thread of thought, difficulty remembering things, it made it impossible to think about more complex things. lack of brain power, I had to go to bed because I did not have the power to think, quarrels with people also exhaust the brain, and various funny situations, the salvation was always to go to bed, so I slept all day, I had heart rate too fast at rest (100 per minute)and many other symptoms…

In the five years since weaning, it has improved a little on its own. However, it wasn’t perfect.
then I found that somehow you need to help yourself. I got such a recommendation.
in general, I will say that after L-carnative I can see the effects almost immediately. And they improved these brain problems for me. At first I was very dependent on it because taking a break caused a relapse. However, over time it improved so much that I could even for several months do not take. So after a 5 years I think it helped a lot.

I understand L-carnitine helps in faster metabolism of cells (facilitates the burning of fats) which causes that neurons are able to switch faster to the previous action.

as for coenzyme q10 it works seems to me more long wave. I do not understand how it work, but taking for some time the I noticed
an increase in brain power. (more and longer I could think). it also leveled my heart rate!

remember that finasteride is considered as a drug for epilepsy and is confirmed to reduce brain bioelectricity
I just caught such a scientist who was doing experiments with finasteride and brain. And he recommended such substances.
there was another option to try DHEA < =10mg per day for some time . I didn’t use it.

after that, coffee and cocoa also help.

after 11 years of withdrawal I can say that brain function has almost returned, but sometimes there is a lack of brain power. (15 month taking)

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Wow you opened my eyes to the idea of Finasteride being used as a epileptic drug!!!

Are you serious!!!

I really haven’t been taking good care of myself in terms of diet and exercise
Because I thought it wouldn’t fix me
But now I see that the amount of good I had was being lessened because of my diet

In other words I have to start working hard again to even get back to baseline

I’m sorry that in Polish. It’s just the first Finasterdy work I found many years ago. It is a presentation about brain regeneration, epilepsy treatment, and protection against neurodegeneration.

Yes, I am serious. finasteride suppresses seizures in epilepsy. I am not going to tell you exactly how this generally works. But it seems clear that it has a strong effect on the brain.
(see https://www.epilepsybehavior.com/article/S1525-5050(12)00431-3/fulltext)

I will say that in my leaflet to finasteride it was only modest that it penetrates the blood-brain barrier and research, as you can see from the presentation, even in 2002(Reddy Rogawski 2002) was already conducted.

It is comforting that at least this mechanism is reversible, but it just has to regulate itself.

exercise should help too :slight_smile:
I will also say that L - carnitine and coenzyme Q10 are very safe. And they don’t do any deregulation. (some therapies to treat PFS I would be afraid of as well, like Finasteride)


Unbelievable this fuxking poison

Maybe it’s good that it’s being tested for epilepsy. This necessitates honest research on the effects on the brain. :slight_smile:

What dosis do you take?


L carnitine 1000-2000mg per day. with breaks every month, e.g. for two weeks.
coenzyme Q10 60 - 120 mg per day.
I have 75 kg bm

these values were recommended by the manufacturers.

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