Krill oil views

I took krill oil 2 years ago prior to my own PFS diagnosis to see if it would help with dryness, brain fog etc. After a couple of days my good strength increased noticeably and I retained hard muscle into the next day. I felt pumped and had an overall feeling of well-being. I also started to get intermittent wood! Felt like my old self. Two weeks in a had what I now know was a crash. BP through the roof, close to passing out! anxiety, headaches, muscle weakness “the works” GP put it down to stress despite prescribing me propecia “FFS” I was wondering if anyone else has tried it and if so was it of any benefit?

Should say gym strength not good strength - predictive txt

I was thinking of taking Krill Oil after having stopped taking any supplements for almost 2 years now. Are you still taking it, how do you feel?

I think I’m going to pass on krill and fish oils. They contain Astaxanthin which is a huge 5AR inhibitor.

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Yes mate stay away from it.