Kisspeptin hormone injection could treat low sex drive in women and men

I wonder if this holds promise for us.


Nice find! I see kisspeptin was mentioned on this forum a few times but I don’t think anyone has tried it.

I saw that article and found it really interesting as well.

One thing that stood out was how kisspeptin regulated FSH / LH. Two hormones that are often, but not always, low in PFS patients.

At least that sounds promising. I’d give it a try. But is there a market-available drug based on that?

Don’t think so, although you can get it from peptide resellers for use in lab animals.

I know some anti age docs or whatever in USA can prescribe a myriad of different peptides so you can get it compounded by a pharmacy. But it’s a gray zone I guess.

I still have many questions about it, but it looks like something that could actually improve if not solve my problems. I find it especially remarkable that they emphasize it affects directly the brain pathways responsible for the attraction mechanisms.
We should probably contact the scientists conducting this research.

If you want to contact them you can find their information here.

While I do feel like it can be of importance, it’s not something you can replicate at home as of yet at least.

for intravenous infusion of kisspeptin-54 (1 nmol/kg/h) for 75 minutes or for administration of a rate-matched placebo.

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I used kisspeptin when HCG was not in stock anywhere and it did nothing for my sex drive.

Some pharma company will see this as a huge money-making opportunity, so will be looking to get this on the market in the coming years

Wow, there are separate forums with totally healthy freaks who bang on testosterone, hcg and kisspeptin, because they their hormon paneels are wrong.
Being honest my hormone level has been very low too before finasteride abuse, not tested but felt often tired, gained fat like an old buffer nut, with pfs it has become extreme and wasn’t agressiv as I was before, with exploding emotions. I have been searching for a hormone therapy too. I was a senior than already. In the male menopause you can think about.

It’s a treatment for hypogonadism.

But at some point the latest wave will spill over to the pssd and pfs community. A pioneer then praises it as the cure or claims to be 100% sexually recovered and the whole community gets the latest junk from the backyard internet steroid dealer. After two weeks, kisspetin is forgotten again, just like the infrared sauna, the immune apharesis, bc007 and everyone injects hcg again.

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