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Went to doc for what I thought was enlarged breast tissue. She couldn’t feel any lumps, says it could just be fat and I should lose weight (215 currently, healthy weight pre fin was 170 and I had a fair amount of muscle which is now gone). Anyways she offered blood test and of course I obliged. 26 years old.

TSH W/REFLEX TO FT4 1.18 0.40-4.50 mIU/L
TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL, MS 375 250-1100 ng/dL
TESTOSTERONE, FREE 67.2 35.0-155.0 pg/mL
ESTROGEN, TOTAL, SERUM 144.7 60-190 pg/mL

Test NameResultFlagsReference RangeWBC 7.1 4.8-10.3 10^3/mm^3
NE% 37.5 34.2-75.5 %
LY% 46.3 11.3-49.4 %
MO% 9.2 5.5-14.5 %
EO% 6.2 0.0-6.7 %
BA% 0.8 0.0-1.7 %
NE# 2.64 0.85-6.26 10^3/mm^3
LY# 3.26 0.49-3.46 10^3/mm^3
MO# 0.65 0.14-1.17 10^3/mm^3
EO# 0.44* H 0.00-0.35 10^3/mm#
BA# 0.06 0.00-0.14 10^3/mm3
RBC 4.65 4.29-5.66 10^6/mm^3
HGB 14.4 13.4-17.0 g/dL
HCT 43.0 40.4-49.9 %
MCV 92 81-100 ?m^3
MCH 31.0 27.0-33.5 pg
MCHC 33.5 32.0-36.0 g/dL
RDW 12.1 10.3-14.1 %
PLT 250 158-341 10^3/mm3
MPV 7.3 6.4-9.2 ?m^3

Test NameResultFlagsReference RangeGLUCOSE 96 65-99 mg/dL

UREA NITROGEN (BUN) 14 7-25 mg/dL
CREATININE 0.98 0.60-1.35 mg/dL
eGFR NON-AFR. AMERICAN 106 > OR = 60 mL/min/1.73m2
eGFR AFRICAN AMERICAN 123 > OR = 60 mL/min/1.73m2
SODIUM 137 135-146 mmol/L
POTASSIUM 4.0 3.5-5.3 mmol/L
CHLORIDE 103 98-110 mmol/L
CARBON DIOXIDE 25 20-32 mmol/L
CALCIUM 9.8 8.6-10.3 mg/dL
PROTEIN, TOTAL 7.5 6.1-8.1 g/dL
ALBUMIN 4.8 3.6-5.1 g/dL
GLOBULIN 2.7 1.9-3.7 g/dL (calc)
ALBUMIN/GLOBULIN RATIO 1.8 1.0-2.5 (calc)
BILIRUBIN, TOTAL 1.1 0.2-1.2 mg/dL
AST 19 10-40 U/L
ALT 14 9-46 U/L

I’m currently 26 months post crash. First time I’ve gotten bloodwork.
Brainfog has improved by probably 30% over time, still my biggest issue. Went from no pleasure from life, sleeping, weed, alcohol, felt like a computer. Intense lethargy. Now I do feel happy at times and good. Started smoking weed too much and had a set back in pleasure department.
Penis numbness has gotten worse over time. At first I still had full sensation, but just didn’t have the intense relaxation/euphoria sensation in head, which is obviously tied to brainfog. Now, I have lost about 50% sensation making my penis feel more like a regular bodypart, however I still have a fair bit of pleasure sensation. This issue got worse in the last month due to another little crash from smoking weed.
Ejaculate volume has improved probably by about 50% overtime. Still not what it used to be, but not oddly small anymore.

Wondering if my symptoms are all tied to my low test and high estrogen. Is this normal for severe pfs guys? I heard was worst case scenario is having normal blood, but still experiencing pfs symptoms. Wondering if I fit that category?
Also did anyone else get high EO#? I read that could be a sign of cancer.

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Yeah, testosterone seems to be low. I would check other sex hormones as well to get the full picture.

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I’d look into getting your DHT, Estradiol sensitive (unless this one is sensitive?) and maybe Prolactin blood tests too

Total test is slightly out of range (I’d consider low t below 400 even though it says 250) and an increase in test may provide you some positive results.

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So my original bloodwork was in the late afternoon. This is my 9am bloodwork. Results more in range but still seem low for a 26 y/o. Especially because I used to be in such great shape. Very lean and muscular. Now I’m intolerant to any intense exercise. Endo felt my breasts and feels slight gynecomastia and ordered scans.

Also, I talked to her about pfs. I told her my experience and that I’ve been suffering for 2.5 years. She was empathetic but told me there is nothing she can do for me as everything is in range. She said she has witnessed many men with similar symptoms from finasteride but because of lack of understanding of the nature of pfs there is nothing she can do to help. She even mentioned she was at a conference recently and pfs came up, and only a small few doctors raised their hands when asked who has heard of pfs before. Atleast pfs is being mentioned and hopefully more awareness will grow and lead to treatment.

Anyways here’s my updated bloodwork…


At least that doctor wasn’t denying the condition that’s good to hear, goes to show how this condition goes completely undocumented god knows how many people have been effected by this stuff.

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It seems like the ranges for free testosterone are so different for every lab. When I tested my free testosterone, the range was 1-27 pg/ml, which isn’t even 1% of total t. And the result i obtained was around 11pg/mL, so in range, but it’s weird since the mean free testosterone is in like hundreds. If the range was in ng/dL it would make more sense, but it’s in pg/mL. 10 pg/ml isn’t even 0.5% of my total t. Strange.

I’d suggest asking your doctor for a liver function test. The liver has some effect on testosterone, and my numbers were off. Also, losing weight has been the best thing I’ve done to feel better. I too way once 170. Got up as high as 230, and now 190, and feeling a lot better. Not good, but better.