Ketogenic results timeframe

For those of you doing a keto/carnivore diet plus using things like BHB and butyrate, how long did you see results after beginning this change? I’ve been keto since January 1 and also supplementing with vitamin C and sodium BHB and I’m not seeing a difference other than low energy and feeling nauseous a lot. Obviously it probably takes time to get some real benefits but I’m wondering if I’m someone who just doesn’t respond well to this or if things will begin to look up after a month or so.

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I’m wondering the same thing. Been on keto since December 27th and I don’t feel much different other than I had keto flu for a few days. I did take exogenous ketones for the first week or so, so maybe that slowed my body from producing endogenous ketones tho

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I’ve also noticed more mood swings and worse depression but some people also say it’s because of sugar craving

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yeah sugar is definitely addicting and just stopping it suddenly gives you withdrawals. Plus when you stop eating carbs you get “keto flu” adjusting to ketones instead of glucose. I figured it would happen much faster than it’s taken tho

I remember being nauseous a lot as well in the beginning. It’s not an easy diet, but it’s worst it in my opinion. It must must have taken 3-6 months to get fully adapted but I stopped feeling nauseous may be 6 weeks in.
11 days in the diet, you’re still adapting to it. You may actually feel worst. I remember starting being Ok with the diet after a month.

I’m in my 20th month and although I can eat carbs with no problem, there’s to much advantages to this diet for me to stop…

The results of the diet were as follow:

Most neurological symptoms except insomnia went away within a week or were greatly diminished. Headaches disappeared and didn’t come back since I’m on this diet, digestion problems went away within 2 weeks.

After 2 months, energy came back, neurological sides were gone or mild except insomnia, most physical symptoms disappeared, burning eyes, and burning lips were less severe. Sexual sides improved 30% but my balls were still hurting (like all the time).

After 4 months all symptoms further improved as I started exercising, taking amino acid, vitamins and mineral supplements. Sexual symptoms improved to 60%, my balls were still hurting but less.

After 6 months, sexual symptom were coming and going. I could cheat and eat carbs (in limited qty) and I wouldn’t get anxiety. My balls were hurting a lot less and less often.

After 9 months, my balls stopped hurting most of the time. all neurological symptoms were gone except insomnia., sex was at 90%.

After 13 months of diet and 2 fasts, I can eat limited carbs, not everyday, without ill effects. The only symptoms remaining is insomnia, although it greatly improved, some dry lips but it’s mild and sometimes, for a short time my eyes would burn (like a minute or two). Sexual sides are all gone, my balls are not hurting anymore, sensitivity is back 100%, sex drive is not as high but since I’m really looking at the girls on the street, I think it’s because while I lost 20 kilos, my wife gained 20. Being fit and eating healthy, and seeing her stuff herself with carbs and eat 3000 calories a day while working in front of a computer, I think my lower sex drive just applies to her. Lol.

I remain sensitive to some food as it can disrupt my sleep. But I think you can see the improvements
look like an upward curve. I believe if I continue this path, the remaining symptoms will disappear within a year or two although I have no proof of that nor I have any proof that they won’t come back if I stop the diet, exercise and supplement. But I have good hope.


Ozeph, before this protocol, could you have sex without cialis? How bad was your ED?

Forgive me for insisting on this. The anxiety of living with a dead penis is so big that I want to have comparison parameters anytime, to know if one day I can recover or if I will be forever like this.

At first, I was prescribed Alprazolam and was having easy erections and was always horny. Then I got accustomed to Alprazolam and could no longer sleep with it so my doctor switched to Clonazepam. That’s when the sexual problems started.

I experienced zero sex drive for the first time since I remember having a sex drive and a strong lack of sensibility. As if sexual contact was not sexual (like touching my elbow or some other non sexual part of my body).

I lost nocturnal erection and I don’t know if I could get an erection with stimulation. I didn’t try because I had zero sex drive, was depressed and had severe anxiety. I couldn’t care less about sex. I was thinking about ending my life all the time so sex was not on my priority list, if you know what I mean.
For the same reasons, I didn’t try cialis.

With the diet, nocturnal erections eventually came back. (and so did the rest)

Anxiety and depression are gone ! I’m really happy !

If you try, I sincerely wish it has the same effect on you.

I wish you the best.


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by remaining symptoms do you mean just insomnia or is there anything else?

I get dry eyes once in a while as well as dry lips. Not much of an issue.

Sex drive could improve as well although it’s adequate for a normal sex life. just a bit lower than 2 years ago before I crashed.

If for some reason I have a bad night of sleep, I will be brain fogged and demotivated the next day, which makes it hard to accomplish anything. It happens once every 2 weeks, usually because I cheated on the diet, ate late or ate something hard to digest. If I take my sleeping pills on a full stomach, it’s hard to sleep well.

On a good night, I will sleep 5-6 hours and wake up and toss another 2-3 while having dreams and sometimes deep sleep in between wake ups. It’s not the shallow, dreaming zombie state I once had. It’s deeper sleep, but waking up often in between. After that I can have a normal day.

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Read most of your post’s Ozeph inspiring! When you say sexual side you mean libido too? How far into the diet would you say the current sexdrive came? was it sudden or slowly getting better did you notice it even before this diet?