Ketoconazole suggestion



Briefly describe my story, I crashed with pfs 1.5 year ago. Things are getting better now. The panic are still there but it has a period of up and down.

I have a itchy and flaky scalp since I was young. So I want to try a generic ketoconazole 2% to treat my scalp condition. Anyone here has experience with keto 2% and can you guys give me some advise?

I’m aware that oral ketoconazole has adverse side effects and the pill itself has been withdraw from the market. But I cant found any relatable study that prove ketoconazole shampoo induces pfs like symptoms. So I guess that the topical does not enter systemic?

I’m afraid to try any drugs after my pfs. Any comment and advice are really appreciated.


i asked the same question here. its probably dangerous. Every topical enters your system to a minimal percentage.


Yeah man, the oral is dangerous and the study in your thread prove that. But if you search in the forum, there are threads where @Mew used it before and after pfs.

You can read this study below, it said that topical ketoconazole does not enter our system and does not cross the blood-brain intact


when youre right i will use it too


I will try a generic 2% ketoconazole. I will keep you update with my condition next week @Milando97 . Hope all will be good.

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Don’t use it.

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Can I know why @Greek ?


Read my member story, not only did I get castrated from this I am still having new sides appear and it’s almost been a year since my crash, don’t use it please!!!


Never, for one moment, think to yourself “it can’t get any worse than this”.


you are right but in my opinion finasteride is much stronger in its effect because its normally taken orally. i think the possibility to get pfs is much higher from taking finasteride orally than washing your hair with ket…


but when you already have pfs avoid any anti androgen you know