KETO experiences

Hi all, what are your experiences with Keto? I seem to be getting slightly worse and can only put it down to my poor diet and masturbation. I think I will go with the keto diet and maybe even beef only. Wondering if it has helped clear any issues like headache etc, thanks.

I did carnivore diet witch is similar to keto…it fixed my brain fog and digestion but for sexual symptomes it did nothing.

If it fixed your brain fog thats pretty big. Are you still doing it?

I do it here and there

It made lose weight and I think it also raised my SHBG. I’m sure there were some benefits from staying away from processed food and other unhealthy things, but I think doing keto was a mistake for me.

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Amigo , la gente que hace dietas coincide con días mejores aleatorios que tiene pfs , hacer dieta es efecto nocebo , no pierda su tiempo con dieta , yo mismo experimenté dietas y ayunos

Why a mistake?

Did it help with cognitive issues as well? like a clearer head? Im thinking of giving it a go, I will be strictly on carnivore

The only thing keto/carnivore diet will help you do is cut out a lot of sugar that you would otherwise take in. If you used to consume a lot of excess sugar you might notice a positive difference overall and it might help you prevent diabetes if that was ever a thing looming on the horizon for you, but other than that, there’s honestly no point and you will get constipated a lot.

According to Jordan Peterson his carnivore diet helped him with his anxiety and depression, though I think it has been discussed on here that he may have taken SSRI antidepressants in the past, and therefore he may suffer from PSSD, which maybe explains why he got better with it?
I just wanted to mention that, other than that, excersise caution, as always.

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While I’m not so sure about keto (although I’ve tried it, pre PFS), it does seem to have some impact on the body other than what you stated.

For example in epilepsy,

Several studies have shown that the ketogenic diet does reduce or prevent seizures in many children whose seizures could not be controlled by medications.

Over half of children who go on the diet have at least a 50% reduction in the number of their seizures.

Some children, usually 10-15%, even become seizure-free.

In many situations, the diet has led to significant, but not total, seizure control.

I have watched this discussion as I am considering trying the Keto diet.

I’d like to mention my experience with a very similar routine, Atkins. This was 30 years ago, long before Keto.

I had gotten careless, and found myself about 60 pounds overweight. I stayed in stage one of Atkins, the induction phase, for over 9 months. By that time I had met my weight goal, and I started allowing more carbs.

To be honest, when all was said and done, I was not sure if the severe carb reduction caused the loss, or if it was the calories. It took years as I aged to gain the weight back, but I’ve realized I am a carb addict and this sweet tooth is a real battle.

So now, years later, I wonder: Keto or Atkins? I’ll decide soon… Jim


I think I explained that -

It also didn’t seem to do anything for my symptoms, if you isolate the effects of keto from the effects of healthy eating.