Keto diet for water weight

I’m not sure if you guys are aware, but your body will store approximately 3x the amount of water per every one unit of glycogen. If you’re like me, you definitely retain a lot of water. I know this is the case for me as I’ve done 4 day fasts and had my weight change by nearly 20lbs.

I have found this works very well for giving me a better body, if I commit to it. If you do need to consume carbs, try to do so at times in which you’ll be using them, such as before or after the gym.

Hi @dj91! I’d like to ask if its possible to get rid of the water retention. According to your post - if i understand it right - there is a way? Thx!

It’s not perfect, but I found greatly reducing the amount of carbs I take in helps. Sugar will lead to more water retention in your body.

Alright thanks! Started my keto diet a week ago, however my belly just grows at this point :see_no_evil:

@dj91 update: im seeing great progress with my 3rd week on keto diet! Still got a bit belly on lower abs after meals, but especially face have improved to look thinner, rather than the moonface kind of watery fave. And all this without excersizing. I hope once i do cardio, i can even improve belly as well.
Mental effects i’m not sure yet, depressed but able to speak more easy and organised.

How about you?

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I’m very glad to hear you are seeing improvements! My weight is still under control and I’m having gyno surgery next week. I still have sexual sides and some brain fog, along with dry eyes. It’s not perfect but having a bit more control over my body is an improvement and gives me something to focus on.

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Also do a glycogen depletion workout

1 exercise per each muscle (big ones priority over small)

3-4 sets of 12-20 reps

Combine with low carb and calorie deficit and you’ll lose the water and fat (if you get enough protein)

@dj91 shit,howquicklyyou’ve “developed” gyno? I wish you successfull surgery, please update meon the results after!

Hi @lakehouse thx for the inspiring advise! Did you have muscle waisting? I’m wondering, because the weakness its causing, is it still possible to do intensive workout, moreover is it possible to regain muscles with our condition?

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Everyone has different symptoms but I’m able to gain muscle with this condition. I can gain the mass but the muscle itself is soft and squishy

Great to hear! Do you use any supplements that help you with muscle shape?

No just standard muscle building strategies (heavy weight low rep, eat a lot of protein, etc…)

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Personally I do not suffer from muscle wastage symptoms but keto diet does make it harder to gain muscle mass

Lucky you! Yes, its harder to gain muscle mass without carbs, but the protein ratio should be enough to look healthy and lean.

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UPDATE: i just been to a leading endocrin professor: he neglected my sympthoms, sayin its just psychic and he dont believe in PFS…im fuckd!

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just ignore them and join us here.

my doctor doesnt believe in it either. they cant help it.

helps us in our projects, one day will all get through this if we work hard

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I developed the gyno earlier on, in the months after my crash.

I’m sorry your doctor has treated you this way my friend. It is disheartening and you don’t deserve that. You matter and don’t let someone like that get you down. There’s a lot of people on you who believe you and we have to remain in solidarity, in eachother’s corner.