Kelly Pfaff - Hero

Show up and fight!

On the morning of March 5, 2013, about 45 minutes before his wife got home, John Pfaff stepped onto the railroad tracks a block away and into the path of a southbound Amtrak train. He was killed on impact.

Kelly Pfaff blames Merck for her husband’s death at age 40. In a lawsuit filed in 2015, she alleges that the pharmaceuticals company for years knew but concealed from the public that Propecia could cause the persistent sexual dysfunction and depression that led to her husband’s suicide about a year after he quit taking the drug.


Where would I find this on Youtube?

Seems to be integrated in the Reuters Article. Needs time to load. Looked into Reuters on YouTube couldn’ t find it.

She is a hero. I wonder how much ‘hush money’ she turned down to get those files unsealed

Thanks @Exsexgod. I must have watched it when I originally read the article but forgot.