Keeping A Secret

I wondered here how many people have warned their friends of the dangers of the drugs that brought us here, but more importantly how many people warned their family members.

We have had brothers who have both had pfs symptoms pass through here. It isn’t a certainty that if one sibling has a problem then another will but if you turned to your brother and told them that you’d had a problem and he replied that the same happened to them in the past, you would wish they’d said something.

We know that people can get the same symptoms from anti depressants and skin treatments, so it might not even be the case that a warning about hairloss medication is all that matters. We also know that women and men alike suffer. If your sister is contemplating taking accutane and you had a problem with propecia, you should probably tell her both that you had a severe reaction and that other people in your family might be similarly susceptible.

That’s just something that I’ve been mulling over this week.

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I tell anyone and everyone who will listen. One of my sisters friend’s partner’s is taking fin, has symptoms, knows how bad I am yet continues and remains in denial. .Another of her friend’s husband has recently started taking minox against her advice and he’s also aware of what it’s done to me. Some won’t listen, regardless! None of my family would venture towards such drugs thankfully.


I drunk texted all my cousins to get off their AD’s or they risk being utterly fucked beyond belief did not go over to well with the rest of the family


I found out that my sister had gotten a prescription for accutane just a few hours before she was about to go to the pharmacy to fill the prescription. I begged and pleaded with her, and luckily she trusted me enough to stay away.

I’m not sure how to broach the topic of finasteride risks to my male friends, though. I’m usually trying to keep my mind off all the symptoms (especially in social settings), so it’s not something I’m eager to talk about.

However, I do think that if everyone warned all their relatives and friends, the risks of finasteride could potentially be much more widely known than if there was just a labeling update on the medication. Personal stories tend to be more convincing that “official” announcements and “science”.


On the internet I’m very vocal but that’s anonymous, e.g. on Youtube as Concojone5.

Family is a dilemma. My brothers don’t want to treat their hairloss, and I would tell them if they ever wanted to (they’d turn to me first as they know I used fin). I’m wondering if I should warn my dad against finasteride considering how often it’s prescribed to treat prostate issues in older men. I don’t want him to know my secret though.

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