Kava downregulates AR expression

At least in human prostate cells xenografted into mice.

Kava is a tea with sedative properties commonly drank by people of different cultures of Polynesia. It’s psychoactive yet not physically addictive nor leads to dependency. Kava however must be made only from powderized root of specifically noble kava and peeled parts of its basal stump in order to avoid liver toxicity: https://www.reddit.com/r/Kava/comments/67n5jg/is_kava_bad_for_your_liver/

Anyone have experiences with kava in treating their symptoms?

Apparently Kava is a MAO-B inhibitor. MAO-B breaks down dopamine. In my opinion we want dopamine to be high so Kava seems promising.

I tried very high potency kava at the kavasutra bar in NYC a few times. Didn’t notice any benefit.

I drank KAVA a few times. For me KAVA had a reverse tolerance. So every time I drank it the effects got stronger. I only really drank it about 4 or 5 times. I was interested in its effects on sleep. Didn’t help sleep but definitively gives you a calm sort of buzz. You def feel high on something. I dont mess with it anymore because there are some stories of people doing major liver damage with KAVA. I threw about $100 of KAVA in the garbage a few months ago.