Just wanted to share my experience with high intensity running

Before i started running (high intensity, trying to beat timings) but after dutasteride my body felt like it was 60 years old. Fast forward (months)… running 25k minimum a week, 3 minute time improvement on my 5k and my body felt young again, hair on my body becomes thicker, my nose becomes oily(like in teenage years), hair sheds and a higher libido. I stopped recently because i wanted to keep my hair for school time and im nearing nw3. anyways 2 weeks after quitting i feel like an old ass man again. i feel stiff and energyless… this sucks as im only 25 but the change that the high intensity, long distance running made was huge to my body and if anyones willing to try id doubt youd regret it.

i also weight lift but the cardio really made my body look and feel good


I wonder if this is due to an effect on gaba . I think we all could have gaba issues due to modulation issues. Working out can help repair this . When I get cardio , I feel like my brain awakens

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I agree with this sentiment. Weightlifting/high intensity exercise does not cure but its vastly improves a lot of symptoms. I find I need to do some sort of exercise daily to maintain benefits.


I read somewhere that maximal training increases DHT in nonathletes and athletes. Im not an expert but my guess is the dht increase. but like you said there are increases in other things too so im not sure

Also seen huge improvements from picking up running this year. Better in all areas