Just venting about the ignorant scene of some typical weird young hairloss freaks

I wrote a metaphoric commet about a creazy “cats claw healing” seen even at a cancer forum. "I heard there should be a woman anywhere who told she has been healed from leukemia drinking a cup of cats claw tea in the morning "

“Cats Claw tea” was just a Metapher!

A Metapher for all the freaks tell they have been cured, not only cured a little bit, no totally recovered to 1500 % by a table spoon of “cats claw” (its a Metapher :nerd_face:) every morning and they make the absolutely huge majority of severe cases totally silenced and show up our disease for all the lurkers as a total joke told by insane hypochondriacs and escaped maniacs who heal themselves with weired voodoo cult, electro wastage and creazy teas.

The real serious recoveries life saving changes in a young man’s only one he has, going under in this fake ocean. Really helpful protocols either.

Severe cases are in fear to tell about their pain because they directly attacked woth an angry “Why you didn’t try the cold water hot fire therapy, if you dont try you never be healed.”

Not any severe pfs case is talking about his pain anymore. No one talks about feelings anymore. They are not a part of the spastic outcrying of the next substance in a minute time-frame.

After getting pfs they aren’t angry , they behave like Mercks pets and pray all the time that they feel so good wirth this disease and how good they reover all.

Our disease is severe! So please come on and show up again.

The reason in both communities (pro-fin and pro-protocol) is that severe or longterm cases undermine their narrative, and ultimately their sense of control and safety. Now I do agree that positivity will go a long way into keeping people sane, but only if it is met with sensible action.

I did CDnuts’ protocol for an entire year and it was my own fault that I wasn’t cured, apparently. I’ve seen people there doing protocols for years without results and attributing it to the 1% of the protocol they didn’t do. Meanwhile, tressless stick their fingers in their ears an go lalalala when yet another one on there complains about his numb dick. Their house doctor Rassman gladly recommends fin to everyone even though he knows PFS exists.

PFS is too complex to solve on our own, we’ve had decades worth of self-experimentation and it hasn’t worked. However, it has given some insights which might be useful to researchers. I’m not against it per se and allowing it back on the forum in a separate moderated section might reunite a community that’s now divided over multiple whats app groups, telegrams, etc.

What we really need though is a mature patient community that stops playing armchair scientist, supports actual research and participates in coordinated awareness campaigns. These sound like sensible actions.


I agree with you… You said many true things. We shouldn’t look for a palliative supplement but rather for real cure that could heal at least some issues.
I’m Italian and in our small association we are moving to support either Melcangi’s research and Baylor’s research.
At the same time, we are planning a research (with an Italian team of Florence) regarding the adverse effects of Serenoa Repens (Saw Palmetto) for the next year.

Fortunately, last reaserch doesn’t need any fund but Melcangi’s research is underrated and many propecia users don’t be aware of the possibilities he could give through his work and ,if his research is completely funded, he could provide THP directly to patients at the end of the next year if we are lucky…

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I seriously don’t know why ppl are bashing his research

We should be grateful anyone is listening to us